My version of a small hell.

Well not really, but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

Michael was suppose to go fishing in late February, but threats of snow postponed it to the first week of March. The girls and I were excited to have our first girls weekend! I had big plans, plans of painting nails, movies, shopping, chic fil a etc.

But instead…

Addison woke up Friday morning and told me that she barfed. I looked in her bed and at her clothes and saw no evidence of said barf. Although she did smell a little musty. She requested her pjs to be changed and I did. She also requested Mimi’s muffins, I heated up 2 of them and then she said she didn’t want to eat. I was making EK’s lunch and she brought her plate over to me and I took it and then she barfed on the floor. Mostly water. Yay. We were going to go to the movies that Friday night, to see Frozen one more time before it left the theater. I told EK that if Addison barfed anymore, we wouldn’t be able to go.

I dropped EK off at school and headed to Kroger with Addison to get gatorade. We got home and she seemed fine, dancing and prancing around. Even put on her tutu and heels. She watched a few shows and played. For lunch she wanted peanut butter and crackers and didn’t eat anything but applesauce. Then she became super winey and I asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she said yes. I got her all ready and in the bed and then boom. Barf everywhere. Had to give her a bath, wash sheets, change my clothes. Gross. I laid with her until she fell asleep and gave her a bowl to aim for. She fell asleep quickly and I left the room.
I decided that I was not going to make her sit in the car for carpool and picked EK up from school. Addison was fine, just mainly needy than anything that afternoon. Since we weren’t going to make it to the movie, we watched one at home instead.

That Saturday the girls were going to run in a 400 yard dash at Holly’s race she was putting on at St. Marys. I was going to see how Addison was in the morning and go from there. At 10:30 Friday night, I heard Addison over the monitor crying. I ran in and shoved the bowl under her and got most of it. That was the last time she barfed.

She woke up the next morning good to go. I outfitted the van in towels in case she got sick again. Luckily she was fine. The kids ran the race and then we headed to get EK’s hair cut. She got about 4″ cut off her hair! It seems so short now! She wanted to get it cut super short and I told her that I wouldn’t be able to braid it or put it in a pony tail. So she said she would like it long. I told her if she still wanted it short, then we would cut it before school starts. Its good to have a pony for swimming and hot summer months! Addison was find during the hair cut, so I was hoping we were in the clear. I told the kids that if she is still okay after naps, then we would go to the movies.

I got them up and ready and put a towel in my purse. We headed to the movies and everyone was so excited! That really is a good movie, and I think it is my fave Disney movie ever! I had bought them Anna and Elsa dolls from Walmart and they took them in to the theater too. We mowed down popcorn and EK had a huge sucker. We made it through the whole movie with no trouble. We got home and I put Addison to bed and EK said she was still hungry. I made her a grilled cheese and she went to bed. I decided to go to bed as well. I hadn’t slept good the night before because every time Addison would move I would semi freak out. I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 11:30 feeling a little different. So different that I got up and sat in the bathroom just in case. And then it hit. I barfed from 11:30-4:00. I haven’t thrown up from being sick since maybe 2nd grade. Popcorn is such an unpleasant thing to have come up with those stupid kernels. Hurt. It’s funny because I weighed myself Friday because it was the end of a whole 30 for me. I had lost 7 lbs total. I weighed myself Sunday morning and had lost 4 more pounds. My engagement ring was loose. I felt terrible, weak, and sore. I made up my mind that I was going to text my mom at 5:30 and see if she would come get the girls. I only slept from 9-11:30. At 5:00, moaning over the monitor. Ella Kate was moaning. I went in and asked if her stomach hurt. She said yes. I made a throw up pallet on the floor and gave her “the bowl.” I forgot to tell her that water probably not be a good idea. I tried drinking water and it wouldn’t even stay down. I heard her in the bathroom and thought oh no. She went back in her room and barfed on her pallet. Fantastic. So texting mom was off the table. I fixed her pallet again and told her to barf in the bowl. I went and laid back down and at 6:30 she barfed again, this time in the bowl. Easy cleanup.

So we started the day and did laundry and no one ate. I set the barf pallet up on the floor in the living room and we had a marathon of movies. Also, we were expecting snow and ice that day too. I texted Michael at midnight and told him I barfed. He texted back at 3:30 and said they were packing up. I texted him again when EK barfed. He was super excited to come home. I sent him a list of stuff to get from Kroger when he got back in town. He came home armed with bleach and rubber gloves. The first thing he did when he walked in was bleach EVERYTHING. Then he tended to us. I hadn’t eaten in more than 24 hours and had no desire to eat. He made some chicken broth and tended to the girls. I laid on the couch and slept. Luckily EK’s didn’t last long at all. I definitely had it the worst. Addison just had it the longest.

We put the kids to bed early and went to bed. Michael was going to have to go in at 11 that night for snow and ice mess. We got about a 1/4″ of ice and missed three days of school.

Super Fun.

The first sick one.
Loads of outfit changes.
She had pink rosy cheeks the whole weekend.
Cousins at the race! Addison has a problem when I want to take pictures.

Got her a medal and a cookie.
This picture of Addison cracks me up. I think she is thanking the lord for not puking on the track.
EK and her new hair did! I also got them Frozen coloring books. It was suppose to be a Frozen fun filled weekend theme type thing.
At Frozen!
and Ella Kate’s turn.
And the ice the following Monday.

It took 6 years in the making, but we officially have a barf bowl in our house. Which also use to be our marinade and popcorn bowl. But now it is residing in the attic for future barfing.

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