4 miler

Our friend Baker, who also graduated from State with a BLA with us, put on a 4 mile race in Fort Pillow State Park near Covington, TN. Michael was running it. The weather was super nice and we packed the kids and van and headed on over. We walked around before the race and hung out and hiked. The race started and the girls and I played while waiting. He showed back up quickly and won 3rd place! I brought picnic lunches for us all and we ate and talked with people and had to head back home. Ella Kate was star of the week that week and we had to carry around a bear and do a journal type thing with it. So he went with us to the race as well!

EK and Dad and Honey Bear. Addison was being a pill and she was asked to leave the picture.
The blurry three of us.
Navy shirt in the front.

I am really unsure of why I am in a tree in the picture, but I was.
Our left, no shirt.
Baker, green shirt and jeans, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

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