What have we been up to? We went to Sylamore Arkansas for one of Michael’s races. We went on a day trip to Fort Pillow State Park for another race. Ella Kate was star of the week last week.

I finally weighed myself after a 28 day paleo binge, 30 day ab challenge (that is actually going on 50+ day challenge – one of my resolutions that I was able to follow through on), Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred, and walking on the treadmill. I had lost 7 lbs total. I bought three bikini tops in coral, black, and lime green. They are my motivation. My abs and stomach have been my problem areas, that growing baby business just tears your core to shred. I call it abdominal separation and it is super gross to feel. I have been doing about 15 minutes of ab work everyday and that separation is getting tighter and tighter. So, I am super super happy with my results and am going to keep going strong. My goal for this whole change isn’t to loose weight, but to strengthen what I have, and restore.

The last thing that has kept me busy was the notorious norovirus. Addison woke up last Friday barfing. She barfed every 5 hours on the clock. From 6am-10:30. I have no idea how many loads of laundry I have done over the past weekend. We had a huge weekend planned because Michael was out of town on the fishing trip. Saturday both girls were signed up for the 400 mile dash, EK was to get her hair cut, and then I was going to take them to eat at our fave mexican restaurant. We were also going to see Frozen Friday night one more time while it was still on the big screen. Frozen didn’t happen Friday. Addison kept everything down after that last spill at 10:30 Friday night. I was going to see how she was that morning and make a decision about the race. She woke up talking again and seemed her normal self. So I packed an extra bag of clothes for everyone and covered the van in towels, just in case. They had fun at the race and got their medals. Then we headed to get EK’s hair cut. She got 3″ cut off and some layers. She immediately looked 6 going on 10. After that we went home and ate and I put the kids to bed. They were tired and rocked a 4 hour nap. I slept in Addison’s bed Friday night because she woke up at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30 crying and every time I heard her make a noise I would sprint in her room and put a bowl under her. The bowl. I am going to throw that thing out. Ugh. So she was super tired that Saturday. Since Addison seemed to be her normal self, we decided to go see Frozen. I suprised the girls with Elsa and Anna dolls and we packed them up and some towels and headed to see Frozen. We ate popcorn and had a fine time.

We got home late and I tossed the girls in bed. I stayed up till about 9:00 and turned my light off. I woke up at 11:00 and felt “different.” I rolled and rolled in my bed until 11:30 and then realized that it was about to happen. I had it way worse than Addison. Saturday is when I weighed myself for the first time and I finally was able to lay back in bed at 3:30. I set my alarm at 5:30 to text my mom to see if she could come get the girls in hopes that EK would avoid it. I never did go back to sleep. At 5:00 I turned on the tv and I heard EK, she was moaning. I went in and asked if her stomach hurt and she said yes. I got the “pallet” and put it on her floor and gave her “the bowl.” I said do it in the bowl. At 6:00 I heard it over the monitor, I ran in and she missed the bowl. Shower, laundry, new pallet, lay her down. I laid back down. I was so weak I couldn’t do much. 7:00 Addison woke up. EK said she wanted to keep laying down. I got Addison all fixed and I heard EK again, this time jackpot on the bowl. That was all she did for the rest of the day and has been fine since. I weighed myself Sunday morning and I had lost 4 pounds in less than 8 hours. I haven’t been able to put my rings back on since. I haven’t been able to eat much at all. I tried breakfast today, but had to throw it out. Yesterday was miserable, I was so sore and achey, my bones were hurting something fierce. Michael got home from his fishing trip armed with gingerale, gatorade, chicken noodle soup, dramamine, gloves, and clorox. He disinfected the house even though I told him I did and then he made us lunch and tended to us for the rest of the day. I had slept 6 hours in the last two days and the dramamine knocked me out on the couch for about 4 hours. We currently have about a 1/2″ of ice outside. He left after he put the kids to bed and slept at the office till 12:00 am and went to work. He is still out working.

Today we feel a little better, I can tell the girls are back 100% because of the laughing, fighting, and talking. Me, not 100%. I definitely had it worse than they did. That was by far one of the worst things ever…and with Michael gone. No fun. Neither is popcorn, those kernels hurt! I am still really sore and I feel like a fragile cracker.

Next week is spring break.

Will update with pictures when I can!

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