Violin Recital

Ella Kate had her first violin recital of the year. She has been taking lessons since late June of last year. She really enjoys it, and is getting pretty good at what she knows. She wasn’t nervous at all, which I was completely surprised at. That girl is a huge ball of nerves most of the time.

She has been practicing 5 times a week since August. There were also awards to be handed out at the recital. She was so proud. She knew she was getting three, a certificate, a medal, and a trophy. Her first ever trophy.

She played a variation of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Michael has the video, and he is suppose to send it to me.

For some odd reason the blue lights were on the stage and every picture we have has red eyes. Weird and Weird. She was so excited about her medal, trophy, and ribbon.

The ribbon and certificate were for participation. The medal was for good listening. The trophy was for practicing 5 times a week since we signed our practice form.

She also upgraded to a bigger violin because she had grown so much. After the recital, we celebrated at Olive Garden, per the lady’s request!

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