Life other than flood and repair.

In pictures…

Haven’t you heard about the new gang in town? Ballerinas with guns!
This was actually from October when Michael and I went to see the Lumineers.
EK and her bath hair!
The morning of the flood, I tried to rip out EK’s other tooth. I couldn’t get it to come out. I told her to tell her teacher and her teacher pulled it out. After I picked up EK, my mom came and got the kids and took them to her house so Michael and I could clean up the flood. I headed over to her house to spend the night too.
This picture is to document Addison’s get up for dropping off Ella Kate at school. Cinderella shoes, tutu, and recently added a tiara and a necklace.
EK at the orthodontist. The cage is correcting some of her bite, but she isn’t swallowing correctly, so we are working on that. She is suppose to put her tongue in the cage when she swallows.
Addison napping in her bed.
Celebrating Michael’s 33rd birthday at Corky’s!
His actual birthday…he signed up to run an aid station at the Swamp Stomper this year. He told me his theme and I busted out all of my decor from Addison’s luau last summer. We drove over after church to see him!
Ugh this cat. I woke up last Monday fairly early and started getting lunches ready in the kitchen. I heard something say, “Mooooom.” I said oh my word, Addison is hollering for me. I kept on and she kept on. I finally went to her door to listen and realized it wasn’t her. It was a cat meowing outside our house. That cat meowed outside our house for 2 days straight. It wasn’t a normal meow, it was saying Mom. It was when it was super cold out. We haven’t seen that cat since it left.
Addison got her first pair of piggies!
Movie night in mom and dad’s bed.
Our tiny old cat. She is so small!
Michael trying out the new griddle he got me for Christmas.
I was working upstairs yesterday and heard some rumbling in the playroom and went in to find Antioch chillin in a tent. This is one of the kid’s AG tents.

So that about wraps up January. Crazy start to the year, hope we have smooth sailing for the rest of it. Tomorrow EK has her first violin recital! I hope she does okay. Afterwards, we are going to Molly’s to celebrate Michael, Holly, and Drew’s birthdays.

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