January Wrap Up

What was turning out to be a fantastic start to the new year with all my resolutions, big girl beds, a new van…went downhill the following Wednesday, January 8. Read the previous post if you don’t know about our flood. Here are some pictures to go with that post.

The lights were off and the blinds were up, and this is what I stepped in.

The closet is really where you could tell how much water there was because it was so squishy. The hardwoods just soaked through.
The leak and the water pouring out.
Busted. $6,000 bust and some change.
We set up camp in our living room for 3 weeks. Everyone enjoyed having our bed in the living room!

Made me ill.

The new floors went in this past Sunday. We had leftover wood so we used that in our closet. The house was trashed. Dust everywhere and loads of it. I took the girls to my parents house after church on Sunday to avoid anymore dust. We got home and they looked great, same as before! We were lucky to have found the same floor that we had before, so it matches.

I cleaned our part of the house Monday. I washed the walls,  cabinets, baseboards, molding, everything…dusty. I cleaned the new floors and we painted over the new sheet-rock. We took a break to go eat at our Mexican joint, put the kids to bed, and began to move all the furniture back in.

I spent 10 hours cleaning the downstairs the next day. So much dust. I stopped cleaning at 7:30 that night…and I still haven’t even touched the upstairs. I had a bunch of work to do and wasn’t able to get to my closet. I have doing it piece by piece when I have time. I have a few more things to do and I am hoping to get the upstairs back in order this weekend.

I will forever fear frozen pipes for the rest of my life. It could have been worse. We were some of the lucky ones. I have heard some stories way worse than ours. We got home from eating after we got the leak fixed and we heard running water. It was coming across the street from a vacant house. We walked up and water was pouring out everywhere. The realtor showed up and the entire downstairs had at least 2-3″ of standing water in it. I have yet to see any construction going on over there. The for sale sign is now out of the yard though.

Was there anything we could have done to prevent it? No. Not at all. I am just glad I was home and that I knew to shut off the house main. If you don’t know how to do that to your house, find out, it is important to know!

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