Throw it out the window…and grab a beer.

All was rainbows and puppy dog kisses after we got Addison settled in her big girl room and we bought the fabulous van.

And then….


monkies started flinging poo at all of our fans.

We had the big freeze Sunday and Monday after we bought the van. Michael went back to work, and the girls went back to school Tuesday. Tuesday was a touch warmer. Wednesday was in upper 40s and lower 50s.

I was sitting upstairs working while Addison was napping. I heard the hot water heater bubble. I didn’t do anything. Three minutes later another bubble but bigger and longer. I ran in the attic and checked out the hot water heater but didn’t see anything. I checked our upstairs shower but it still worked. When I came out of the bathroom I heard it. You know the sound you hear indoors when one of your faucets is running outside? I heard that. I ran outside and checked that faucet, nothing. I ran in the backyard and checked that one, nothing. I checked every sink, toilet, and faucet over and over again. I checked walls, floors, and ceilings. I snuck in Addison’s room to check her walls, floor, and ceiling, nothing. I called Michael and said water is running and I can’t find it. He told me to turn off the water if I left, which I would be doing in 1.5 hours. I got off the phone with him and decided to shut it off anyway. If you don’t know how to shut off the water to your house inside your house, I suggest you figure that out. I knew how to do it from installing our upstairs plumbing. So I shut it off and the noise quit. I checked everything once again and saw nothing. Michael had called back and said it could be under the foundation or in the front yard.

I went back upstairs to work. About and hour later, I had to get dressed to go get EK from school. I had socks on and walked into our room and stepped in water. I texted Michael to come home ASAP. I couldn’t find the source. Our room, bathroom, and closet were flooded. I went in the closet and looked up and the ceiling was fine. I opened our cabinets and checked for water and it was dry. I ran out in the yard and checked the faucet, fine, I noticed a big puddle on the sidewalk and when I came back to the front of the house, water was running out the garage. I opened the garage and thought I found where it was coming from, water was coming out of the wall where we had a pipe repaired a while ago. But it was just water running out.

I grabbed every towel we owned and threw it on the hardwoods and left. Michael got home and found the leak. It was inside the exterior wall for the faucet. It leaked for 7.5 hours. It destroyed our 2 year old hardwood floors. They are being ripped up as a type. Michael and I ripped the carpet up and drilled holes in the baseboards of our cabinets. We set up fans for a week straight.

A royal mess.

All of our stuff is in the living room, dining room, and upstairs.

I took time Thursday and tried to “organize” our mess. I set up our mattresses in the middle of the floor and we have been sleeping there for a week and a half.

So everything I talked about for the 2014 year, blown out the window. Well not really, but a good bit of it.

So, life’s a mess, we are rolling with it.

More later, I am swamped at work because I just finished my spring 2014 flower order.

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