I am not a fan of them, but I have made some this year. We will be in church every Sunday unless someone is sick or we are out of town. We fell off the wagon last year with the whole potty training and we went out of town a good bit as well. But back on it.

I am also reading the bible to the kids, well one at least. I bought The One Year Choronological Bible last year and have been saving it for the new year. We read it in the morning and the only one who sticks around is EK and myself. She also has a daily devotional that I read to her as well. Hopefully EK will stick with me on it. I am thinking she will because she loves being read to!


I did a Whole 30 last year and really liked it, after I did it, I decided to go Paleo for the most part. Then October hit, the start of all the holidays and I went downhill fast. I do relatively good at choosing what to eat and what not to eat. I don’t over flow my plate at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, I do eat all kinds of terrible foods. After eating unhealthy foods, I felt bad, and I knew exactly why. The food. I have decided this year to stick with Paleo eating, working out, and cutting out all the things that I let back in my diet in October. We went full fatty last week and this past weekend. I am not one to throw out food, and we had a good bit of stuff left over from EK’s birthday that we were trying to mow down. I threw it all out last night.

To start off the new year, I am doing a juice cleanse. I started off thinking I would do the 5 day reboot, but I discovered that my juicer isn’t very good at juicing leafy greens. Everything I have made has been good. But I am thinking I might have to do a three day since my juicer won’t juice kale or spinach much at all. After I finish the cleanse, 3 or 5 days. I am going to slowly re-introduce foods into my diet. Last fall, before my fall out, my favorite thing to eat for lunches were either pieces of ham, with a little bit of hummus, and match sticks of bell peppers. The other was a Greek Salad with Avo-Ziki Dressing. That salad has become one of my all time favorite things to eat. If you don’t like Greek, try the Avo-Ziki Dressing, it is so good and I don’t even like cucumber. So for 2014 I am hoping everything that I put in my mouth is either a fruit, vegetable, or a little bit of protein. Quite the challenge I know, but I did it for almost 9 months last year. I am hoping for a complete life-style change!

We shall see, time to go juice!

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