Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Three of us were still sick (and we still are). For the first year ever Michael had to work Christmas Eve for a part day. So I went over to my parents house. We ate our big meal Christmas Eve lunch. I Addison down directly and when she woke up we went to Hope for the Christmas Eve service. I decided to keep both girls with us, and the enjoyed it. After church, we went home and Michael had to bake two pies for his family dinner. So I fed the girls and we read some books while he did that. After he finished we put the girls in their pajamas and got in the car and drove around looking at Christmas lights. After we did that, we came back home and read the Night Before Christmas and left cookies and milk for Santa. Addison fell out on the floor because she wasn’t happy about the cookie situation. So off to bed we went.

After we put the girls down, Michael and I carried on with our Christmas tradition, steak dinner! We mowed down steaks, potatoes, and salad while watching Christmas Vacation. We always look forward to that dinner together. We crack open one of our fancy bottles of wines we get each other each Christmas.

I set my alarm for 5:45 and got up and woke the girls up at 6:15. They ran in to see what Santa brought and were super excited! This year was all about the American Girl dolls. If your kids are into that, you know that stuff isn’t cheap. But Target has a great selection of Our Generation Dolls that fit AG dolls. So they got a ton of outfits for their dolls. They love that stuff! Ella Kate’s big want of the year was a Robot dog called Zoomer. It was quite the hit for both girls. So much that Addison told people she got Zoomer. They got the same exact stuff but EK got Zoomer and Addison got a Frozen outfit. Another big hit was this Flying Fairy Doll. That thing is super crazy. Its like a gigantic moth and when it crashes it is dramatic. Michael likes playing with it as well! Addison finally got her a flower truck (Fire Truck). She has been carrying that thing around. Other than that it was books! They had a low key Santa year this year.

We got dressed and headed over to my parents house to eat breakfast and open presents. The girls got a horse for their dolls, books, sticker books, outfits for dolls, and some cash money. Addison got a stick horse which has also been a huge hit. The girls played with all their new things and we ate some knickknacks and I put them down for a nap. When they woke up we packed up and headed to Michael’s parents house. We helped with dinner prep and Sarah and Erica arrived and we sat down to eat dinner. The cousins all got to play together and had a ton of fun! Then we sat down and opened presents. The girls got more books and more outfits for their dolls! We had a fine time! We didn’t get home till about 10:00.

The next day we woke up and cleaned up the Christmas holiday mess of toys and wrapping papers and bags and that took several hours. I asked Michael if he wanted to tear down Christmas today or next Monday, we were headed to St. Louis Friday. I said let’s just go ahead and do it so we won’t have to do it when we get home. So we tore it down and had everything cleaned up by 2:00. Exhausted. Sarah and her family came over around 4:00, the cousins played and jumped on the trampoline and we all packed up and went to Mezcal for dinner. We came back home and we started packing for St. Louis!

Poole side cousins minus Levi. L to R Addison, Whitney, Annie, EK, and Maggie

Addison, getting it. We rocked pajamas all day long and she refused to take her new necklace off!
Addison and Carly riding her pony.
EK and Carolyn
Waiting to open presents.
EK shooting Michael. Funny story about the guns. They are cap guns. Michael put the caps in them and started shooting them and Addison was in tears and EK held her ears. I said well, we have a new method of getting their attention now!
Addison as Princess Elsa.
The girls and our new dog, Zoomer.
Waiting at the gate for Christmas morning!
EK’s loot.
Addison’s Loot.
Helping make fudge…no go.
EK bashing peppermints.

Addison in a box, not sure where her pants are.
The day we all had the flu. Even Mr. Jingles and Mr. Jangles were sick.
Addison and her first stage debut. She stood like that the whole time, with the occasional thumb in mouth. At least she didn’t cry.
Before Christmas Show.
This ole gal, we hardly take any pictures of her. She loves the Christmas tree because she can hide in it and Addison won’t bother her. She turns 14 in March. So tiny and cute!
EK and Dad at her Dad lunch program at school. Michael brought her subway and a gingerbread cookie. They watched Addison’s performance on his phone. I have yet to upload it.
Silent night at church!

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