2014, full throtal crazy so far.

We had around two weeks off from work and Michael went back to work today. I finished what I had going on in about 3 hours and I am starting my spring flowers this afternoon.

We were fairly low key the last week of our vacation. We watched a good bit of football, watched the mess out of our backed-up tivo, ate a ton of unhealthy food, and took it easy. Ella Kate and I are still coughing. Michael is trying not to cough because he thinks he has broken some ribs from coughing. I have no idea what we have, but it has been around for 4 weeks now. No good.

We hadn’t left the house in a few days so Wednesday I made a list of things for us to do, or get on Thursday. We headed to bed bath and beyond and got EK an egg crate for her “new mattress”. Then we went to Babies R Us and got some wings for Addison’s big girl bed, whenever that would happen. I was in no rush to change the beds and mattresses, just when we decided to do it, we would have everything we needed. We got home Thursday and then discussed the possibility of trading in the volvo. It has had a ton of issues and we just need to get rid of it. I texted my brother in law Drew who is a professional car buyer and told him what we were looking at getting. He said he would start on it Friday. We have been letting the girls stay up later than usual. They have been playing with all their new presents and dolls and watching movies. I was reading to Addison and then put her in the crib and sang to her, and as soon as I let go of her, I had a thought in the back of my head that this was it. This was the last time I would put my baby in her crib. The next morning same thought, this is the last time I would walk in to my baby jumping happily up and down in her crib. I was in no hurry to move anything around.

Michael and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and he said he was bored. I said I was too. So he wanted to know what to do about the bed situation, and then it happened, the crib went down, and the bed went up. I handled it well. The girls had no idea, they were upstairs watching a movie. Then when I brought Addison downstairs, she saw it. She said, “WOW, my bed! It’s my sock monkey room!” She is so happy with it and herself, sleeping in her own big bed! The only thing I have done in the room is the bed itself. I might hang some pictures today. She needs some shams and a new window valance. I switched the mattresses around. I bought EK a new set when she got a bed and with the box spring it was outrageously tall. So I just used the mattress. Addison’s bed is low and so I took EK’s mattress and the box set on it and gave EK a mattress and box set we had upstairs. I bought her an egg crate to make her feel special and she is super happy with it. It is taller, but she likes it. I have to buy her a dust ruffle and she is good to go. I am hoping to redo her room in the fall.

All throughout the big change, Drew was dealing with the dealership and trying to come up with a good price for a new car. He found one and called and said we were locked in for 24 hours. He did a fantastic job on the price and got us a fantastic deal on a…drumroll please…2014 Honda Odyssey. That’s right, I have officially joined the mini van mom world, and I freaking LOVE it. It is so much easier with kids and the room, oh the room! I had been driving my trailblazer for 10 years. We decided Michael would drive it and I would have the van.

So after Addison had her first nap in her big girl bed, which went well, we packed up and headed to Holly’s to drop the kids off. Drew went with us to the dealership to make sure everything went smoothly and we were home by 9:00 with a new van. It is really one of the best decisions we have ever made. The room is fantastic and the doors, oh the doors, open by themselves. We are so thankful that we were able to do purchase such a nice car!

We have only driven it twice, both times to Kroger. I forget how much hibernating we do each year and hardly leave the house. But that is all about to change as we start school, preschool, karate, and violin back up this week.

So here are the pictures!

I have 4 sock monkey pictures to hang around her room, three of which are going above her bed. My mom bought three of these beds many many years ago and I inherited one of them. The quilt, my great grandmother Jones made that quilt. It was on my bed growing up. I heart it so.
The girls after the big reveal.
Nap time! Yes, we do stay in our pajamas all day when we don’t have anywhere to go!
Ella Kate’s big bed. She wants a purple room.
Going to bed!
The new van!
The youngest in the new van!

Since we haven’t been going anywhere, we have been sitting in the van around 3 times a day. Ella Kate looked in the back and said, “MOM, there are MORE SEATS back here!” Ha. We also removed the back of EK’s car seat and she is using a booster and the seat belt. Loads of new changes in 1 day huh??

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