Sick People

We got home Sunday afternoon and Michael announced that he was feeling rather ill. We had to go to my parents house for dinner and so I could get trees and Christmas towels for teachers etc. He was running around 102.7 temp and slept on the couch. He went in to work the following day and came home that afternoon to sleep.

My throat started hurting that night. The next day I couldn’t move. I was wearing fleece pants and shirt and I rolled myself in my flannel sheets, a blanket, a heated blanket, and my fleece blanket and I was freezing. The girls were at school when I was doing all this. I picked up EK that day to go to the allergist so he could see her hives. She was so tired on the way home that I decided we were going home instead of taking her back to school. So we all slept some more. I was so sore and achey when I got up. No fun. I went to bed early and switched on EK’s monitor because she was all complaining too. She woke up at 2:30 and her temp was 103.1 I dosed her up and put her back in the bed.

We all got up the next morning and I made Ella Kate a dr. appt at 9:40 and myself an appt for 2:00 the next day, cause big people dr. don’t work like little people dr. They should though.

My mom came and got Addison, she was evacuated thank goodness. EK and I got dressed and left for her appointment. They did the strep test where I have to put her in my lap, wrap one leg around her legs and use both my arms to pin her arms down. Good not fun. That one came back negative. So he wanted to do a flu test, insert same body holding here for nose, and that one came back positive super fast. Tamiflu and discharged. Dr. Scott asked if I was feeling okay and I said no, not at all, my appt isn’t until tomorrow at 2:00. He said to go to minor medical and get tested today since Ella Kate has it. So we packed up and headed to minor medical and I tested positive for flu, Tamiflu and discharged.

$350.00 later and almost a week and we still feel ill. I have an extremely rancid cough and EK does too. I finished my last dose of Tamiflu yesterday and my throat still hurts. So I am not sure if we will be back at the dr. or not. I can’t stand minor medical, I asked if I could get something for cough and she said oh just take some mucinex. Luckily my mom had some left over tussicaps and I have been able to sleep at night. I didn’t take one last night and it was the pits. I coughed for a good solid 2 hours before I could go to sleep.

We got Addison back Friday afternoon and I think she will miss all that fun stuff.

Mother daughter flu wasn’t exactly on our to do list over Christmas break. Ella Kate didn’t get to go to her gingerbread decorating party, pj and polar express party, or her class party, which I planned. So we were both out for that! Booooo!!

Reunited with Addison, the house was so quiet without her there!

I did drug Ella Kate up enough so she could go to her next belt test. She missed her yellow belt ceremony last time because she had strep. I wasn’t going to let her miss this one. She was feeling pretty good too! She is now an orange belt ninja!

And Addison resumes being Addison!

We had big plans for things over the weekend, going to see Peabody ducks…all we did was lay around and watch movies and Michael cooked for us. I had to catch up on a bunch of work today. I am spending the rest of the afternoon cooking and working on a project. If I don’t post again…

Merry Christmas!

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