We left Friday for Chattanooga and checked in at the hotel. Then we made our way to a liquor store because on the road I googled Dogfish beer locations and found that there was a store in Georgia that had a case, we reserved it and Siri directed us to it. Dogfish is my favorite beer ever! It is my idea of the perfect beer! We google it whenever we leave Tennessee, it isn’t sold in our state. I looked up St. Louis and apparently it isn’t sold in Missouri either. Dern.

Anyway, after we picked up our case we went to Rock Creek to get Michael checked in and get his packet. We made our way back to the hotel and decided we were tired of driving and that we would walk to dinner. We went to Big River Grille and Brewery for dinner. Michael and I split a pizza as did the girls. It was really good! We had plans to go up Lookout Mtn to walk around and look at Christmas lights, but the girls were just beat. We went back to the hotel and watched a movie and rigged up their bed so Addison wouldn’t fall off. They were once again super excited about sleeping in the same bed!

Fuzzy picture, this is early Saturday morning, Addison is facing the wrong direction. Good stuff.

Saturday morning came early and we were all up at 4:30 to take Michael to the start line. It was pouring down rain, cold rain. We sat in the car for a while and then walked him over and bid our adieus and Good Lucks and booked it back to the car. On the way up the mountain it was beautiful and clear. Of course on the way down the mountain, fog and almost 0% visibility. Ever race I go on with him, fog and rain on mountains…which means I go about 5 and have a death grip on the wheel. We made it safely down the mountain and went back to the hotel to get warmed up.

Race Face.
Drive back down the foggy mountain, that is downtown Chattanooga.

We got ready for the aquarium and started walking. Our hotel was within walking distance. We met Sarah and Jeremy and kids and walked around the aquarium for several hours. After we finished I took the girls to get chicken nuggets and we walked back to the hotel in hopes that all would take a nap.

Right before I woke them up from their nap.

They did! I debated about waking them up. Michael told me to be back at the finish line at 3:30. We arrived around 3:45 and sat in the car for a while. Around 4:30 we got out and stood at the finish line…and stood…and stood. I began to get worried when it got dark, about 20 minutes after the sunset he finished. He said it was horrible and he wanted to quit at mile 14. But he kept on trucking. He said the weather and mud were terrible. His back was hurting, he was cold and wet and ready to forget about that race.

We headed back to the hotel for all to take showers, the girls had played in mud and were totally drenched and dirty. We got dressed and Sarah and Jeremy picked us up and we went to Lulu’s for pizza. We were hoping to go to the Christmas party that was downtown, but I googled it while napping and it was postponed till Sunday because of the rain. So we went back to the hotel and watched the Little Mermaid and went to bed.

We headed home early Sunday so the girls could nap in their beds!

I don’t know if Michael had a lot of fun that weekend, but we sure did. I would definitely pack our bags and move out to that part of Tennessee!

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