Santa 2013

I was trying to find all three years of pictures with Santa, this year no tears! Although when it was Addison’s turn she fell out on the floor and I had to pick her up and set her on Santa.

and I asked her what she thought of sitting on Santa and she said, “I didn’t get my fire  truck!” and was all sorts of sad. I told her that he brings it on Christmas. Ha!

and last year…

I will have to do some digging to find her first year. I know Ella Kate had a few years of tears too!

This year Ella Kate is asking for Zoomer…and Addison has a big obsession with Fire Trucks. I think Ho Ho is bringing one for her stocking and a bigger one that is loud and moves. I really have no idea what she is thinking when she says she wants a fire truck, hopefully those won’t disappoint and I am hoping she is expecting a huge fire truck in our living room. We pass the fire house everyday to drop and pick up EK and she loves seeing it! We shall see!!

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