Christmas and other happenings

Well the beginning of December was rather cold! We just missed what could have been a big ice storm! We had rain and ice most of Friday, a little Saturday night, and a little Monday night. We never lost power but we were ready if we did! Michael had to work most of Friday, but he just sat in a truck the whole day waiting. The roads never really did get bad unless it was a bridge etc. They only put salt out on Tuesday morning. Entrances to buildings at some of our commercial properties were kinda icy.

I thought we were going to loose our Chase Tree, which is below. I looked out at one point and it was about 5″ from the ground. Once the ice left, it bounced back up!

After we put the girls to bed, I noticed that Addison had put her rain boots next to mine. I thought it was cute of her! Ella Kate saw it the next morning and said “Ah, how adorable, Addison lined up ya’lls boots! Ella Kate doesn’t have any rain boots suitable for rain or snow, hers arrived via amazon last night. I got her two pair to try, one is a croc rain boot and the other is a muck boot (my fave). I have a feeling she is going to like the crocs better, but they didn’t have her size anywhere!

Here is our house all lit up for Christmas. We originally bought our lights for our arbor. We kept them up for a long time for parties and stuff. I guess Michael got sick of them and took them down. Now we use them as Christmas lights. Michael was in charge of the outdoor lighting. He did a great job!

During the “ice storm” we watched a bunch of movies and shows. The girls are obsessed with Sophia the First and the Floating Palace. They watch it almost every day! They even took over our bed! Ella Kate is wearing her Sophia dress. That is Michael’s side of the bed. He woke up all glittery the next morning!

The cat, Antioch, was so cold that she decided that she needed a coat as well!
Piddling Addison.

Last night Ella Kate’s school had Cookie’s with Santa. It was really cute and the girls had fun eating there cookies, coloring, and getting to sit on Santa again. I am waiting on that email of the picture.

I forgot to mention that we took Addison to her first movie in a theater. The 4 of us went to see Winter over Thanksgiving break. Michael went for the popcorn. Ella Kate LOVED it. Addison was scared of some of the previews. She let out a few cries and then she was fine. She LOVED the movie too! We didn’t have to leave once for anything. Michael did for more popcorn though! So I say we are at a safe age for taking them to little kid movies. They walked out and immediately asked for the book. I haven’t seen one around. I did however, forget to take a picture of Addison at the movie. Boo.

After the movie, we came home and got the girls ready for their holiday pictures. Addison was a mess for the most part. I would tell her to smile and she would close her eyes and frown. Then she would get upset. We eventually had to bust out the potty talk…tee tee, toot, poop etc to get her to laugh and smile…so these are the ones that made it to the card!

I am so super pumped about the upcoming weekend! We are taking the girls to Chattanooga and Michael is running a 50 miler race Saturday! Friday night we are hoping to go to Rock City, where they have a ton of Christmas lights and displays. Saturday we are dropping Michael off at his race and then I am taking them to the Aquarium. After we pick up Michael we will go back to the hotel for resting and showering. I read on a downtown Chattanooga website that there is going to be a parade near our hotel. We are hoping to go to that as well. Bummer is there is rain in the forecast. Not a big percentage but some. So hopefully we can do all the outside activities as well! I got Ella Kate some rain boots now!!

Then when we get back the girls have one more week of school. Santa is coming to Addison’s school Monday and Thursday she is having her class party. Ella Kate gets to wear her PJs to school Thursday and watch the Polar Express and eat popcorn! Friday is Ella Kate’s school party, I have had my hands full in preparing for that. We are playing pictionary, making a jingle bell necklace craft, coloring, eating cake and other goodies too!

The following week is Christmas and then….and THEN…we are getting ready for Ella Kate’s 6TH BIRTHDAY!! We are heading to St. Louis the Friday after Christmas! Why?? Cause we are taking the girls to the American Girl Doll store! Imagine the excitement they have…imagine Michael’s excitement too!! We are staying in a hotel that is in walking distance to the store. The hotel has popcorn and drinks all afternoon and night, they have free breakfast, and free dinner! We have the “American Girl Package” and with that the dolls, Carolyn (Ella Kate’s) and Carly (Addison) get a travel bed for the dolls in our room. HA!! They are going to flip out! I actually called today and requested another bed for Addison. They get to keep them too. And with that comes a robe and a bunch of cookies. We are hoping to take them to the zoo or Busch Gardens (weather permitting). Saturday is the big day! I am going to take them to the store for some shopping, hopefully encouraging Michael to run or something. Ella Kate is getting Carolyn’s ear’s pierced too. Saturday night we are going to have a birthday party for Ella Kate at their Bistro. We get drinks, appetizers, dinner, a cake, and the girls and dolls get tiaras and some other trinkets. Another bonus for the weekend, the hotel has an indoor pool! Hopefully it is heated, we are definitely bringing our swimsuits!

So we have a busy holiday season coming up!!

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