We bought a w/d!

You can read about the original fiasco here.

We got our nice new stackable w/d in October I believe. I love them to death and am totally ocd about mold. When I finish washing Saturdays, I run about 8-10 loads that day, I wipe down the door, the seal, and the inside and let the whole thing air dry all week. So far so good.

Two weeks ago I finally got around to deciding what I wanted to do with the remainder of the space since we stacked them. I looked around Lowe’s for about two weeks measuring my space and their options. I was at first going to do a pantry type thing. Then I changed my mind because I could only use one cabinet. Then I thought I would do a bottom cabinet, with a butcher block counter, and an upper cabinet. That was going to put it close to a thousand bucks, not in the picture.

I went back again and checked closet organization, and stumbled upon this. Instead of the shoe rack on the bottom, I decided for another drawer and a pull out wire basket. Perfect. When I found it, I bought it that day. I also assembled it by myself. The only thing Michael had to help me with was moving that bad boy, and it was heavy!

I am really happy with the way it turned out and I really enjoy doing laundry. The washer and dryers have so many buttons and settings, its really nutty. It has a long melody after it is finished and Addison runs in the room and dances to it. The storage cabinet has worked like a dream and it holds a ton of stuff!

On the other side of the washer and dryer is a wall organizer for brooms and fan cleaners etc. We threw up an autographed picture of Patrick for funsys. I can’t wait for the Dodds to come over and see it. Addison walks in and says, “Dats Patwick!”

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