Look at that, I am almost caught up. I am determined to post more frequently as things happen. We had a good holiday break! Ate a ton of turkey and fixins, and you know what? My stomach hurt most of the time. I just can’t eat that type of junk anymore. I don’t even really like the food. I would much rather have a huge steak, or a huge taco night. All that food is just so unhealthy and not natural! The turkey part is for the most part!

Bleh, anyways, we had fun visiting with both sides of our family. We haven’t seen any of them in a while.

Look how big this kid is getting, pretty soon she is going to be asking for iphones and car keys. Oh wait, she is already asking for one of those.
Michael mowin down the fried turkey!
Papa kissin the fried turkey! Fried turkey is the only way my family will eat turkey. I don’t like it any other way!
The girls!

I am dead set against putting up Christmas before Thanksgiving, but the girls asked for their trees, and I gave in. I refuse to put out anything else though. I just hope I am not teaching them that it is okay to put up Christmas before Thanksgiving! This is Addison’s tree. I snuck in and took a picture of her during nap time!

The day after Thanksgiving we had a special arrival, Mr. Jingles (white boots) and Mr. Jangles made their awesome debut on new Rudolphs! I had to make a special phone call to Santa to find out if the girls could have their reindeer. I was instructed that everyone must leave the room while the elves use their magic.  Then I was able to give them their new presents! It was a HUGE hit! Anna Claire got one of these last year, and EK was ready to get her hands on one, but we waited to late! So this year I went early! His nose lights up too!

I took a picture of Addison before story/bed time. Her hair was all frumpy after her bath and she had a curly q hanging down in her face.

I took this last night of our house. Michael was in charge of the tree and the outside lights. He did a great job! I love some Christmas lights and CHRISTMAS!!

Well, I am all caught up so far! The girls calendars are jam packed with stuff at school and elsewhere. We are packing up and taking them to Chattanooga next weekend. Michael is running a 50 miler and I love Chattanooga and wanted to take the girls to the aquarium. I have that planned and lucky us, there is a Christmas parade Saturday night too, right near our hotel! So we are super pumped about that. This weekend we are hoping to go see Santa, but it looks like we have the possibility of getting about a 1/2″ of ice. Our city shutsdown when it ices. So I am not sure what we will be able to do with the weather. I also want to take them to see the ducks at the Peabody as well.

Hope ya’ll are enjoying your holidays!!

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