Hives Round 2

Well, got another call from the nurse today about the hive situation. So I called the nurse line again and they wanted to see her…again. So we met with the Dr. and went over everything for the last month…I might, MIGHT, have pinpointed it. Here’s hoping.

October 31, bought EK some you know Claire’s (the gaudy) store earrings to go with her Sophia costume. A week later the itching started happening, actually I think it was sooner than that.

He is trying something a little more potent than benadryl. I love the looks you get when you tell a Dr. or nurse that you hate to give your kid benadryl because it makes them insanely wild and you could squeeze their head off. I guess that is along the lines of a threat to your kids. Whatevs. If you have had a kid on steroids, then you know what I mean. Steroids, benadryl…all the same with EK. Hopefully the new medicine won’t make her wild eyed and bushy tailed.

So we got home and I took the earrings out. We got the ones she was pierced with, which are 14k white gold, cleaned the stew out of those and her ears. I am so hoping this is the situation. If it doesn’t clear up in a week, then we will go back and re-evaluate…and if it persists, let the allergist have their way with her.

So I told her if that is the case, then she will have fancy earrings. I was going to go buy her some Christmas earrings, but looks like she might have to have the higher end of jewelery. Figures, right?

Argh, hives, benadryl, cheap earrings.

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