I ran a race.

I worked out hard this summer and fall, like had muscles and all that. I even started running on our treadmill.

Apparently Michael thought it would be just radical if I ran a race with him. He signed me up for Wade’s Big Adventure in October. He normally does the 18 miler, but he signed us both up for the 8 miler. This was after a discussion about hiking trails on my birthday…there was a 10 mile loop and after I said we should do that, he signed us up for that race. He said we could walk most of it.


I was fine up till mile 4 1/2. As I have previously stated I have mangled my ankle in more ways than one. The one I have the most problems with is my heel. I was tumbling in a gym on a youth trip and tumbled off the mat and landed on my heel, putting about 1 3/4″ fracture through it. Hurt like a sonofa. I had a gnarly habbit of landing on my heels instead of my toes, but it usually didn’t matter because I was always on a big mat, and normally wearing shoes. I wasn’t wearing shoes either. I had trouble with it on the treadmill and when the weather changes or it rains, it throbs.

So we had to walk a good bit of it, and when I did try and run I had an unnatural gate with my right foot. But you always have to run across the finish line and pretend that you ran the whole thing…so here I am crossing the finish line.

Just kidding, that wasn’t the finish line…

So we had to run again…

and we finished under 2 hours. Turns out Michael wasn’t a fan of letting me walk and he pushed me to finish under 2 hours. Meany.

It took my foot about a month to heal. I seriously thought I was going to have to go to a dr. But I just limped around for 2 weeks and it finally started feeling better. Argh.

We made a magazine though! Ha! We had fun and I can see why he loves trail running. If I didn’t have my ankle injury, I would join him more!

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