I greatly dislike carving pumpkins. I can’t stand the smell and I am a little lethal with knives. I told Michael I was going to take his drill and drill mine. Well he loved that idea and did it himself!

Photobomb by yours truly!

Big ole plans for Halloween. We were going to school so we could participate in our classes parties…I was in charge of Ella Kate’s class party. We were going to leave school early, go eat a big Mexican feast at our fave place. Come home and get all dolled up and ready to trick or treat for hours. Come home and veg out on our bags and bags of candy. Perfect!


Of course not.

The weather forecast was ill, my kids were ill, I became ill. Kids were crying. No. good. fun. at. all.

Ella Kate woke up with a fever. About 100.0. I said great. I dosed her up with Tylenol and told her to get ready for school. I was hoping the Tylenol would take care of it. Did I mention it was a downpour…all day long. As she was getting ready for school, Ella Kate started crying. Oh great. Ella Kate gets extremely upset when she coughs or has a runny nose, like hysterically upset. I went in and asked what was wrong and she said she didn’t want to go to school today. I said you realize if you don’t go to school, today, you will miss your Halloween party that your mom has planned and will be attending. I said how fun would that not be if I went to your party and you were at home. She suddenly said she felt much better. I told her to go blow her nose and I checked her temp before we left and it was lower. So off we went, 8:00, when school starts…I think she walked in at 8:10.

I kept my phone near, thinking that she wasn’t going to make it the whole day. But she did.

After we dropped her off, I got Addison ready for her parade at school. She had decided that she wanted to be Minnie Mouse this year. (Ella Kate’s old costume). I got her all dolled up and threw a raincoat on her and took her to school. The parade is cute, all the little kids and teachers are dressed up and they parade around the fellowship hall and sing songs.

After that I had to run a few errands for the party, and to get some supplies in case we were rained out for tricker treating.

I picked up Addison from school and put her in bed and left for Ella Kate’s Halloween party. Upon arrival, I realized that she was not feeling well but was all sorts of smiles and was so excited that I was at school and for her party. We played mummy bowling, and did a ghost craft. We ate cupcakes, pretzels, and some capri suns. I read its a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to her class. Fun times. The kids had a ball. We passed out treat bags and I checked Ella Kate out and we went home. I took her temp and it was 102. Woof. I got Addison up and her temp was 101. Double woof.

So we decided to go on to the Mexican restaurant and that we would go home and get dressed up and go to a couple of houses.

Ella Kate has dreamed of being Sofia the first for a year now. I bought her costume and amulet in June and it has been hanging in her closet ever since. I also bought Addison one because those two are both all up in the same thing. As soon as Addison saw Ella Kate getting in her Sofia attire, poor Minnie Mouse went straight out the window. So we had two little Sofia’s tricker treating.

I have good pictures on my big camera, these are of course Iphone pics.

We went to maybe 10 houses and it was cold, windy, and damp, so we went back home. I turned on the surprise, a blacklight, and music and they danced around and ate candy. Then we watched Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, dosed them up and threw them in the bed.

After we went to the Mexican restaurant I ran into Kroger to get the usual Halloween party treats, Tylenol and Benadryl. I ran through the Halloween section and all the toys were marked 75% off and I found these little weird Monster things that talk for dirt cheap. They were a huge hit!

They had a great time considering both kids were sick. They ran high fevers till Sunday and were better and able to go back to school the following Monday.

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