The tooth…

I have declared Michael in charge of two things parenthood related. Make that three. So far he has failed at all three. Ha.

1. Pulling teeth
2. Throw-up
3. Teaching kids how to ride bikes.

Ella Kate had a loose tooth for maybe a month and a half prior to when she lost it. Michael and I would check in her mouth and Ella Kate would flip out. She got use to the idea of loosing a tooth and I guess became okay with it. One night we checked it and that thing was hanging on by a thread. She gave me a good night hug and I checked it one more time and that thing bent down at a 90 degree angle. Gross. I got up and got Michael a paper towel and told him to pull that thing out. He pulled and pulled but it wouldn’t come out. So we sent her to bed and I said, that thing is going to come out tomorrow at school, she is either going to eat it, or just straight up loose it.

I picked her up from school the next day, and I asked if she lost her tooth and she said yes. I said do you have it? She said no, I have no idea when I lost it or where it is. So she was worried that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come…so here is what we did:

Michael helped her pen a note to the tooth fairy and we put it in her new tooth fairy pillow that Mimi created for her. And low and behold:

the tooth fairy showed! 

Here she is the day she lost it, when she got in the car from school!

She is okay with loosing teeth now. The one next to it is also loose as well. The upper longer tooth is starting to wiggle. And the sad little tooth next to it, well, that poses a whole different story.
Back when she was a crawling and pulling up baby, she jacked her teeth twice, once on our window ledge and once on our kitchen bench. We had just had the kitchen bench refinished and she knocked it. Two teeth marks still remain. Their were blood and tears all over and trauma as well.
That girl hasn’t experienced trauma yet. Her orthodontist said the root on that tooth was damaged severely and it will not grow anymore. So when she looses that upper tooth (his estimate was 4 months) she will have the second tooth pulled. Imagine how fun that is going to be. Luckily my dentist, who is also my first cousin, will pull it. I hope they give her some gas. If they have to put a shot in her mouth, it might take and army of men to hold her down. So looking forward to that day. NO.

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