Busy…the norm.

This is the norm for the front seat of my car. Everytime Michael has to ride with us, or he drives and I ride shotgun, its normally a big deal getting the front seat cleaned out. Why? Because we are busy. And yes, I did have a pumpkin in my purse.

Work got about 100% more hectic for me around the beginning of November I think. I am having to enter way much more data than I was having to do. Its easy, busy work. Mondays are sort of like the weekend for me. I have to have all information entered so everyone else can work on and get paid.

November has come and almost gone since I last posted. People have lost teeth, been majorly sick, we took two trips, and most days I don’t even know what day it is.

But, we are having fun nonetheless…a ton of fun! I am waiting on my pictures to upload to the server…and then I can show you all the activities we have been doing!

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