Friday night rituals, school projects, sick, and laundry happenings!

As I have mentioned before, we hit up our local Mexican joint weekly! I took a couple of pictures on one of our visits!

Funny story I will tell later, last Friday when we went, all 4 of us and several other customers went home with red salsa on us!

The following is a school project that Ella Kate and I had to do for her class. We were instructed to design a head that resembled our kid. I think I nailed it. Ella Kate picked out the colors, which were limited because I only had pink ribbon. But she picked out everything else, added the glitter, and glued it all down. I will post about the final project later!

Two weekends ago, we had big plans! I got a call Thursday before lunch that Ella Kate was in the nurses office running a fever. I went and picked her up. The next day we went to the Dr. and they did a strep test which left both Addison and EK in tears…Ella Kate had strep! We were suppose to go to a festival at the Strachan farm in Corinth. We went last year and both girls had a ton of fun! I know we missed out on a good time!

Saddison, she was all mopey because EK was all mopey. Funny how they rub off on each other!

Little story bout why there is a fan drying out my dryer. For years my washer hasn’t been itself. Michael’s carharts have killed it. After spinning like an airplane it had a loud thump at the end. It was crazy. Carhart season is back and now the washer isn’t spinning the water out of carharts and towels…anything heavy. I delt with it, often spinning one or two more times. I was drying towels for almost two days, I thought they were dry, and forgot about them all week. Saturday is my laundry day. I opened the dryer Saturday and holy moly I almost puked. I thought the towels had dried in the dryer and left a terribly funky smell! The dryer itself wasn’t drying properly either. So I took the towels out and washed them again. While those were washing, I cleaned the dryer. I bleached it, vinegared it, washed it, and set the fan up to dry it. I dried the towels, holy funky smell. We decided that it was time to get a new washer and dryer. My set is 10 years old. In fact, every major thing we have bought is now 10 years old. We moved in our house 10 years ago April 29 (next year). Our fridge, washer, dryer, mower, car, and marriage will be 10 years old. I am hoping our appliances make it and we won’t have to replace everything at once (like in my dream last night).

So Sunday we went to Home Depot and Lowes, we settled with Lowes, because they could deliver the next day and we just like it better than Home Depot. I don’t know what it is, but I had a hard time deciding what to get. Everything is so different from what it was 10 years ago. I had narrowed it down to three different ones, and it took me almost an hour to make a decision. I have said for years that I wanted stackables because look how small my laundry room is. I was hesitating about my decision because of the mold issues that the front loaders have. I told Michael to pick and he wouldn’t. I went with my gut, and got the stackables. So far so good. You should see my laundry room though. We ripped out the shelf and there are holes all over the place. I am going to have to fill, sand, and paint the room. I am hoping to save birthday monies and get some already finished white cabinets from Lowes.

So. We bought the w/d and get home and I tell Michael that I would like to move the old ones out and clean the floor before the new ones came. The room was still stinking to high heaven. I cleaned the floor and noticed that the smell was coming from the dryer vent. I cleaned it, poured baking soda down it. Michael even took our gas blower and tried to blow it out. It seemed to work. I sprayed vinegar down the vent and put the fan up to that to hopefully air it out. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going away, and why the smell was so strong. I left the fan on all night. The following morning the room reeked! Lowes was scheduled to deliver the w/d that afternoon. I called Michael and said we had to get the vent cleaned because if we hook the new dryer up, it was going to smell too. I called a company and they were able to come out at 3:00. I told him what happened and he said more than likely water and lint were holding the smell in. So he got his cleaning stuff and started cleaning out the pipe. After about 30 minutes, he informed me that the smell was really super bad…and he showed me what he pulled out. A dern dead mouse.

Our mice are back…and they also mowed down a roll of our paper towels. The field behind our house was bush-hogged, scattering our mice!

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