First Field Trip!

Last Wednesday the entire kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Memphis Zoo. Ella Kate got to ride on the big school bus. That was a huge hit, she has never ridden on  one. We all lined up and Ella Kate and I were in the back of the line and most everyone’s parents came for the field trip. Five kids didn’t have parents and they were buddied up in the front of the line and Ella Kate and I were on our own! We tore off in the opposite direction of everyone and didn’t see anyone the majority of the time. We thought it was pretty special because usually we have Addison with us and well EK doesn’t get all that much attention with the little one around.

Ella Kate’s class had been preparing for the field trip for about two weeks, reading stories, talking about zoo animals and zookeepers. They even decided to adopt an animal and took a class vote. Ella Kate voted for the flamingo, which didn’t win, the lion did of course! Ella Kate was sad, so I took her picture beside the animal (bird) she voted for!

We had a picnic lunch by all the flamingos!

This was one of our favorite animals, a Red Panda. This adorable little panda  is always way high up in the trees! But not today! Both of them were walking around the ground and one of the jumped up on its perch and mowed down his food. Isn’t he cute!

Her class!

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