Storm Doors

Well since I sold most of my cloth diaper stash, I took the money that I got and we put in storm doors. We all love it. I leave the back one open so the kids and cat can look out. The front one remains closed when Michael isn’t home. Addison didn’t like the installation process, it was very loud.

While we were prepping the doors, Addison found the container of apple sauce and started stacking them. She likes stacking things!

Addison, not liking the drill part of the installation. It was quite loud and she kept screaming too loud, too loud. Her vocabulary has doubled probably even trippled over the summer. She rambles and rambles and most of the time she is making sense.

We went with a door that had a screen so we could open and shut them when the weather is nice. Like it is now, but unfortch ragweed is in bloom and we have had to close the windows due to EK and her allergies.

The screen is on the top part. They are pretty neat and I like them a bunch!

We put the first one in on one of the hottest days of the year. I finally broke down and put a fan in the doorway and turned the air down low so it would hit us outside. The second door went in when it was much cooler outside!

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