Random Pictures with explanations!

Addison fresh out of a bath!

Waiting on her violin lesson (EK’s not Addison)

Well, Ella Kate has been doing chores most of the summer and still is. If she does all her chores without me having to remind her, she gets $1 before bed. She somehow managed to find a Furby. She saved all of her chore money for about 2 months and bought it. This has actually been a good lesson for her. As with all toys you give my kids, the excitement and fun wear out after about two weeks. The furby that she has worked so hard to get, has been sitting on her dresser, ignored, for weeks. I told her that is what they do with all their toys, I suggested that she start keeping her money for herself. To save. But look at the excitement when she did get it. She thought it would talk more to her. After I did some research that after about 20 hours of play, it will speak 80% English and 20% nonsense. Apparently I need to play with the dern thing, cause its still sitting on her dresser.

So I have finally decided that the girls are mostly getting books for Christmas. That will be the main thing. The kids love books. Ella Kate is getting better and better at reading and is even reading to Addison now. So that is what I am encouraging. Addison has found a love for trains,  I saw one advertised yesterday that she might like. She also likes firetrucks, so I am on the lookout for that. But like I said with all toys, played with once, maybe two weeks…so toys are out for the most part. They still love their American girl dolls, so some accessories are a must!

My costco girl.

Some furby play.

I have been very frustrated with finding clothes for Ella Kate this fall. I can’t stand all of the graphics and obnoxious sayings. Little girls need to be little girls. Ella Kate also loves dresses too, I am looking for a pair of biker shorts so she can wear under these things too. I had luck at gymboree and she racked up. Here she is modeling two dresses I got her, with her new cowgirl boots Mimi and Papa bought her. So between Gymboree and my mom monogramming the plain t-shirts I find we are looking good. Walmart also has one line that is great, this year they had long sleeved shirts with sequins on it, sequins I will do, she loves all things sparkly (as do I).

I was doing something in the kitchen, and I looked over and Addison drug out all of her baby stuff.

Supporting the Dawgs! Ella Kate’s old outfit. Ella Kate was also upset that she didn’t have an outfit to wear as well! We are heading to MSU in the spring for Super Bulldog Weekend! We will have to rack up then!

This girl and her shoes!
For the longest time, Addison wouldn’t wear dressup, and I guess the switch has been flipped…she loves it now!

I bought Ella Kate some Cinderella slippers that light up when she walks, I think they are two years old now…I bought them big, and now they fit just right…new Christmas present??

Addison eating an owl cupcake.
The last thing I heard from her was I’m going shopping, and she appeared with all this:
Still love some sleeping kids!
Playing with a rainbow!
Dressup and a show!
Big ball of princess fluff!
Addison has a thing for shoes, she is always wearing some sort of something and most of the time it is not hers. She grew into EK’s rainboots!
Ella Kate sneaking a donut after Karate. She is getting better at Karate…she should be testing for a yellow belt either this Saturday or next!

I found some Micky Mouse cheese balls at Target for Halloween and got some. The girls and myself love some cheeseballs. That was one of my favorite things to eat when I was growing up! I made the mistake of giving Addison one in the car and when I got home, this is what she looked like!

Michael and I taking advantage of nap time during a cool rainy Sunday. Scrabble and Nascar!

Addison was distraught because we had to drive Michael’s car for almost two weeks. My car was making a terrible rattling sound and it was finally fixed correctly yesterday. But anyway, she was distraught because I left her raincoat in the car. I was able to get it for her and she did this: Reunited!

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