Michael and his tongue.

I have yet another random thing that only would happen to Michael and his mouth. Last year he was running and some sort of bee flew into his mouth and stung his uvula and he spit it out. Luckily nothing crazy happened with that, except he passed out from the amount of benadryl I gave him.

Well about two weeks ago, we decided to grill out and eat out on our porch since the weather was awesome! We made hamburgers and had some chips to eat with it. He went back for a second burger and on the first bite and first swallow something was immediately wrong. He said I am fairly certain I have swallowed a grill brush and it is stuck in my tongue. So we cleaned up and put the kids to bed and went to the bathroom. He tried brushing way back there, I tried digging back there with a flashlight and my finger. We couldn’t get to it. He decided to eat a bunch of chips to see if it would knock it down. Nothing was working. After a painful night, he went to a minor medical. They couldn’t do anything and set him up with an ears, nose, and throat dr. I met him over there, he hadn’t eaten anything all day except cough drops, just in case he had to have surgery. The Dr. tried to reach back there and at one point thought he had seen it using a mirror. He then said he would need to scope him, as soon as he got the scope in there, he saw it. Then he had to get it. He tried and tried for about 15 minutes, and said I think we are going to have to operate. Imagine the look on our faces. He said he would try one more time, Michael coughed, and then the Dr. pulled his tongue way out and pulled this out:

A 1/2″ grill brush stuck in Michael’s tongue for 24 hours. Thank goodness he didn’t need surgery! and that all was alright! Freaky. Meanwhile, we have thrown out all grill brushes.

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