Arkansas Traveller 100 (4th year)

As most people who knows us know that Michael is an ultra trail runner. He has been training hardcore this year. He said he just wants to run fast, and he has always been fast, but fast for many many miles, like a 100 miler. All of the friends that he started running with, no longer run. He has met a couple of folks on the trail and they are fast. He has been training with two guys every weekend. He signed up some time ago for the Grindstone 100 in Swoop, VA. He asked me if I wanted to go and I asked how far it was and he said around 13 hours. 26 hours in the car. In one weekend. No. Plus, crewing him threw a 100 mile race with no sleep. No. I told him I couldn’t do it. He had started tapering some weeks ago. Starting to get the mental psych going for another 100 mile journey. The race was held in Washington National Forest. Then the poo hit the fan. The government shutdown. We didn’t think it would affect anything. Then Tuesday I got a call from Michael while I was sitting in the parking lot of Addison’s school. He said he had some news and I immediately said I am hanging up. But I didn’t. He said the race director emailed and with the government shutdown, all national parks are shutdown. Telling this to a person who has been training for months and months for a 100 mile race, who had begun to taper…not a good thing. To run an elite race like this, they need forest rangers, a certain amount of them etc. There are all kinds of restrictions on how many people can actually run races like these. Anyway, the RD (race director) would make a decision Wednesday night.

I immediately asked Michael about the Traveller. He said he would call the RD and see if there was any room and if it was still on. The RD said no way in hell would the Traveller be cancelled. It does run through a National Park, but that community is so tight knit that everyone was still excited. They said they had several people ask if there were spots and that they were releasing a coupon. The RD said since Michael is a three time finisher and volunteer, they would send him the coupon code first. So Michael asked what he should do and I said if you want to run 100 this weekend, you have to do the traveller. He got the coupon code and he signed up. He would run the Traveller for a 4th time. Which actually made me excited, but unfortunately I had no way to get rid of the girls that weekend. I debated for some time about taking them with me. I decided they are just to young. Maybe next year. So I was super sad I wasn’t going with him. Although the race was going on, there was no camping allowed. The weather was suppose to be rainy as well. I told Michael that if it was sunny and we could camp, for sure I would pack us up and head on out.

But anyways, we heard from the Grindstone yesterday. It was officially cancelled, so we made the right decision.

On to the important part! I stayed glued to my phone and ipad all day and all night. I set my alarm for each check point and waited…and posted (if you follow my facebook page). I posted every check in and cheered for him! I told him to take pictures of himself because that is what I would do if I was there. He didn’t take any…

Getting his shoes ready…past, present, and future.
Me watching…and celebrating, he ran the AT100 on our 17th high school anniversary.

Michael ran awesome, I couldn’t believe it. He was an hour ahead of last years time! He tied for 6th place! He ran that race in 21:30:58, breaking all 100 miler PRs. I am so proud of him and all the hard work!

I also promised myself that I can’t miss another 100 mile race. It was too tough not knowing, not seeing how he looked. Its a big deal people. Huge.

So while he was off running, the girls FINALLY got to watch the Little Mermaid. I bought it Tuesday and they begged and begged to watch it but I said no, we would watch it for Movie Night.

Addison also had her first cherry slushy from Sonic! She tried it and said “oh yum!”

They got to stay up late and watch it, Ella Kate cried when King Triton banned Aerial. Addison was scared of Ursela. So she would hide when she was on screen. Overall, the girls LOVED it! And they got to stay up late too!

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