caught up…

Addison and Ella Kate are off this week for Fall Break. We have been doing crafts, reading, projects, decorating for Halloween, doing some school projects, and jumping on the trampoline a ton!

Addison slid down the upstairs slide while I was working and was wearing this! Ha!

I have been trying and trying whole wheat pizza recipes for months now…I actually gave up on it for a while. Most of them were so thick and chewy. I did some more research and decided to try again. I altered some of the ingredients, but this was by far one of the best! Doesn’t it look yummy!

Michael and I had a date night Tuesday night, we went and saw the Lumineers at mud island. The weather was perfect, the company was spectacular, and the music was great! Wasn’t the best thing for him to do, he would only get three hours of sleep that night…and he was still recovering from his 100 miler.

Last night, Ella Kate was helping me clean up before bed and she was moving her chair in her socks and somehow fell and jacked her chin on the tip of the chair. I thought for sure I would see blood or something…luckily just a little bruising.

Here is this one, today, feeding her baby. She also has a bruise on her temple from jacking her head on the high chair upstairs. We like to inflict wounds on ourselves.

I am up to date! Wow! Very rare I get two hours a month to catch up on this thing! I am super busy next week. Michael is playing Dad next week, I am going to attempt planting all of my pansies in 2.5 days, if weather permits. Last year I did it in a week. Its going be tough, but I will have fun and make some serious bank. I am also getting a silent auction basket together for PTA. We have a bbq basket and we are thinking ours will be one of the best baskets, hopefully. We had one of the owners of Arlington BBQ donate a gift certificate which generated our theme. We had enough donations to buy a smoker and I got an apron and two grill brushes (bought on clearance for Michael, but we no longer use them). So that is pretty exciting. I am also putting together a put put game booth for EK’s Tiger Boo Fest at school. Then the following week we are having a “Fall” party on Halloween. So I am providing crafts, games, and snacks. So just a little busy!

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