Okay remember a few months ago when I deactivated my facebook account? Then I had to reactivate it because my CSA and EK’s cheerleading communicated via facebook…I had a room mom meeting last Wednesday at Ella Kate’s school and I was talking with my co-room mom about what we need to do etc. We commented on how it seemed that email is on the way out since all this communication is with facebook these days. We have four communication portals on facebook, one for the entire elementary school, one for kindergarten, one for room moms, and one for our class. Crazy I know. Luckily I am only in charge one one, which is our class. And also some signup genius thing which I have never heard of before. But it is crazy, that that is our major form of communication with people, it is so easy. Our group is private and we just post all the information on there. Chances are if we send home papers, parents may or may not get that paper. So we post it on our boards, and also send emails. So doesn’t look like facebook is going to be deactivated for many years for me. I hardly post any pictures on facebook anymore. I love instagram though! I like not seeing peoples thoughts about church, government, football, politics, and all that stuff. But I love pictures!

Anyways, that is my rant for the day, I am two days behind on my blog, as mentioned before, I had the room mom meeting Wednesday and I am also trying to pound out the months end for Adsit.

And then I got super busy and had no free time since. Argh.

Cute little purse shirts my mom made them!

Would you believe that I actually fixed her hair, and after we went outside for above picture, this is what her hair did!

We went through all EK’s fall/winter clothes for 24m and 2T and she found EK’s old rain boots. Addison is currently wearing 18-24 months!

A picture of the girl’s lunches. As you recall we went rather green a few years back, and still going strong. When EK started preschool I was looking for lunchboxes that would have different compartments. After researching several, I stumbled on these little gems in Garden Ridge of all places and they have rocked! So here is a glimpse of what they eat for lunches. My kids are super picky and don’t like food touching each other. Addison, well, I have no idea if she eats or not. Most of the time at home she eats applesauce for lunch, and a cracker. Ella Kate loves her sword toothpicks. Except this week when I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said a lunchable. I shuttered at that thought, have you read the ingredient label on those? Bleh. So I said well how about our ham, cheese, and whole wheat crackers…so she liked that idea. Yes, she requests salads too. So that is a salad with ranch dressing. I keep collecting those little plastic containers from restaurants. So when I see them I grab a stack of them and wash them each time. I found some stainless steel ones but haven’t had time to buy them  yet.

I actually had a small melt down when Ella Kate’s teacher said we had to bring a snack in a brown paper bag with her name on it. I so didn’t want to waste money on a brown paper bag that will just be thrown away each day and litter a landfill. So I actually stumbled on these reusable bags at target for $1. I bought 5. Will reuse and reuse till they get worn out. I sent one one day and it keeps coming back, so I am assuming it is okay! Yeah I am crazy, but spending money on ziplocks and paper bags really bothers me. She also carries her own silverware and cloth napkin. I am trying to find smaller ones so she can easily keep it in her lunch box. It’s the little things…after all, I cloth diapered Addison.

Speaking of cloth diapering Addison, do you want to know the extra bonus about cloth diapering your baby? I spent around $375 on her diaper system, and I have sold $200 worth of those diapers. I am actually going to sell 4 more and my wetbags today for $85…so to say that those are a fantastic investment…oh yes! I am actually taking the money I get and we are going to buy 2 storm doors for our front and back door. I can’t believe it! I have sold them through facebook!

This is one of Addison’s favorite toys, a clock puzzle. She stacks them and builds things and will put them in the puzzle all by her big girl self!

Here is T-tiny partying in the front seat before school!

I tried to get a good picture of Ella Kate at Karate, and apparently Addison had my phone at some point and got the lense filthy. She is punching here.

From today, at Autozone, checking out car scents.
Doin her puzzlin!

Her chilling before school pose, after we drop EK off at school.

Last weekend we went to my parent’s house for the State game and swimming…EK in the tunnel.
Addison’s turn.
This is how she swims.
Thursday before game day weekend! Yay SEC football season!
Michael and I got all dolled up and headed down to Bosco’s to meet the Dodds for a pre-show dinner. Then we all headed to Minglewood Hall to hear him play!

So that’s what has been going on these past two weeks. Today Michael is off and working on both our cars…we were in the Autozone today and I said lets just buy a new car and not work on the volvo, which apparently lost breaks this morning. He didn’t go for it, but it is in the near future, when Michael gets his work truck back…bye bye volvo. We plan on keeping my car, mileage is low for how old it is.

We might go get our doors this weekend, it depends on if we can get them in the car or not. Then we are headed to Mezcal for our weekly mexican fix. Tomorrow EK has karate. As head room mom I am making 21 torches for our 9/11 walk next Wednesday, so that is on my plate for the weekend!

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