Delta Fair

Last Monday was Labor Day, school was out, so the girls asked what we were doing that day and I told them I had to work, so we went upstairs to play, watch shows, and work. After I finished my work I said alright, get up, lets go! They had no idea. I love surprising them with things! Yesterday, I surprised EK with an organic fruit roll in her snack at school, she was so lit up about it when I picked her up!

Michael had to work and expressed that he had no desire to go to the fair…so we met up with Holly, AC, and Mimi. A ball was had by all, minus Addison because of this:

So sad! I bought her a purple monkey and princess wand instead. Maybe next year, or maybe not because it will cost us an arm and a leg to do all that we did with two kids! That place is not cheap! You know what else is sad? I broke my chaco within 3 minutes of walking into the fair. I have had these for YEARS!! Luckily my mom gave me hers because they hurt her feet, so I have a back up pair. At least I was still able to wear them!

EK loved all the rides and didn’t want to leave!

This ride is by far one of my faves ever. I had so much fun on it when I was little!
After all the riding was done we mowed it down!

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