Figuring it out.

Well, we are on week three of school and I finally have everything nailed down. I am choosing Wednesday as my day to update my blog. Ella Kate is learning her first song on the violin, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I actually learned to play it last night too. Her tiny violin is hard to play on, but Michael and I are both learning it too. He knows more about strings and whatnot, so he is teaching both of us so I can help her when he isn’t here.

Ella Kate is doing well at school, yesterday she had gym class and she said she was the only one who knew how to skip. The gym teacher used her as an example. During music she was able to name all the instruments with her eyes closed. This was also the first week that she had to walk herself from the car to the classroom. She said she did fine! We have had homework every night this week and I believe that will continue on for the rest of the year. She likes doing it, but it’s tough fighting Addison off of her. Addison likes to “help.”

Funny story: I am not sure how the discipline works in her classroom, but apparently there is a board with pockets on them, and if you do something you aren’t suppose to be doing, you get a stick in your pocket. EK said it is okay if you get just one stick, but two is bad. On the way home yesterday, EK said this:

EK: Mom, I got a stick in my pocket today.
Me: Oh no, why?
EK: I was talking when I wasn’t suppose to be.
Me: Oh no, who were you talking to?
EK: My boyfriend.
Me: Oh no, who is your boyfriend.
EK: Grant.

So we had a talking to this morning on the way to school. I told her to listen to her teachers and do what they ask. No more sticks please.

Addison is walking right to her class and putting up her backpack and lunchbox. She is doing better at the potty, and even went no. 2 for them twice on Monday. Yay. I hope whatever it is is sticking. She is having a bit of a hard time in the afternoons, I have to wake her up to go get EK. She has been throwing hissy fits while waiting in the car line. So I have let her start watching a show on my phone while we wait. The weather was wonderful last week so we had the windows down and everything, this week it is hot and we both look like a hot mess when we pick her up.



I finished my cabinet project over the weekend and we hung them on Saturday. They look great and I have started organizing them. I fell a few containers short and will have to go get 6 more at some point.

I used a cabinet in the bar to organize my craft and art supplies and Ella Kate was getting into it, so I moved it up tall. There are quite a few things she needed to stay out of including my chart pak ad markers from college, if you know what those are, then you know they are dangerous!

Michael and I are trying our hands at hydroponic gardening. We have a kale and two lettuces so far. The kale sprouted Monday. I have been buying hydroponic butter lettuce to use in sandwiches and wraps and Michael took interest in it. So that should be fun to watch. I am not sure what the plan is when they are actually a plant. Our darn cat eats plants and then pukes. We haven’t had house plants since college and she mowed down our sedum and dracena. Last week I had picked a bunch of basil from our garden and put it in a glass. Antioch started puking and I discovered that she was eating our basil. Crazy cat.

Patrick and Anne Marie came over Saturday, he is working on his new record with his new label. He also has a signed contract with Killer B guitars and he has received two free guitars from them. Anne Marie was sneaking around on him and she and their kids designed his latest guitar. Ashytn the middle girl did the design and Haylie and Lizzie signed it.

That’s about all from last week. This weekend we are having our Mexican and Movie night Friday, which is also Amanda’s birthday! Happy Birthday lady! Saturday we are having Michael’s parents over to eat and they are going to babysit for us so we can go to the Kersting’s to celebrate her birthday! Sunday will be our first attempt at church since Addison has potty trained. I know EK is itching to get back into it!

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