Week before Kindergarten.

The final week of summer was a huge hit! We did as much as we could! We played outside a ton, went to the zoo, ate ice cream, watched a ton of movies and just really enjoyed spending as much time with the girls as I could. During the summer, Fridays were designated as field trip Fridays. The Friday before school started I asked Michael to take off so we could go somewhere totally awesome. We packed the kids up, grabbed the pink potty and hit the road. Ella Kate was dying to know where we were going. Michael wrote out Safari on a piece of paper and we had her spell it out and she got it. She was soooo excited! She thought we were going to a rain forest.

When we arrived and paid, the man asked if we would like a feed cup, and Michael and I both said no. We have seen what happens on America’s Funniest videos and quite frankly I wasn’t fond of the idea of an animal sticking its head in my car. I’m pretty sure the girls would have freaked out. He asked if it was our first time and we said yes, and he gave us a free feed cup. We entered the safari and immediately emus and ostriches ran up to our car to eat. We immediately rolled up the windows. The girls were screaming with excitement and we were pretty excited too. We had never seen animals this close!

We would roll the windows up when the animals were near, and then roll them down and throw some food out when we were moving.

Highly recommend this place…and the girls got a kick of riding wherever they wanted to in the car. Ella Kate took some pictures with her camera too, but I have yet to look at them. When we finished we packed it up and ate at Subway and headed on home. It is about a two hour round trip drive.

Later that night we hit up Mezcal for dinner and settled in for movie night. Addison is getting better at watching a movie. She usually looses interest with 30 minutes left of it. The girls are addicted to Mezcal and request cheese quesadilla every-time we go.

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