Random Summer Stuff…

I am currently uploading pictures from my camera and my phone and my pictures are all crazy out of order…so I will just post a couple of what all we did. We went to the zoo a bunch. I took them to the Children’s Museum of Memphis. We rode our bikes, took walks, jumped on the trampoline, read books, and all kinds of fun stuff!

I reorganized the playroom…Addison loves the rocking horse!
I am pretty sure I have not mentioned that Ella Kate is now taking violin lessons. Look at her tiny violin. She is just learning her first song after two months of basics. She really likes it!

I found this shirt at old navy and new just the man to wear it. And he rocks it!

My co-worker.

Ella Kate and Dad quiet time.
“Mom, on.” I put them on her. “Mom, cheese.” I took her picture.

Ella Kate got to go to sweet and sassy for Madelyn’s birthday (our good high school buddies little girl). She had a ball getting her nails and hair done and dressing up!

Arlington has a great park and the weather has been not quite ridiculously hot…I have been taking the girls there in the morning.

Tramp time!

Patrick called me up to let me know that he was performing at the Germantown Farmer’s market and I packed the kids up and brought a picnic to hear him play! That’s his wife Anne Marie with EK! Those two are tight! We still talk about how EK would come up to her when she was tiny and say UUUUUUPPPP to Anne Marie. Addison can’t stand when Patrick picks her up and the whole time he was playing Addison was clapping and dancing and saying YAY Patrick. Silly girl!!

Here we are at the CMOM at the Kroger section.

Ella Kate on a motorcycle.
Photo booth time!

“Mom, on.” I put a bow in. “Mom, cheese.” I took her picture. “Mom, off, I don’t like it.”

When I work, Addison plays upstairs. She decided to play with the doll house stuff and this is what she set up. It makes me smile.
Acting silly. Monkey see, monkey do…reverse camera on Iphone.
Riding bikes. Shortly after this picture, Addison was mowed down by EK…

and refused to walk.

Girls doing what they do…

Stormy night. Thunder hiding.
Watching the rain one morning.

As you can see, we had a busy summer! I miss it already! But I do like that we are back to a routine, but I just miss my girls! Next up…school! If I can get my my flickr app to work on my phone!

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