Ella Kate went to a kindergarten boot camp three weeks ago and one of the little girls had just had her ears pierced. Another little girl had hers pierced for a while. As soon as I picked her up she sad “MOM, CAN I GET MY EARS PIERCED?” I said we will talk about it later. So one the car ride home we talked about it and how it kinda hurts to get them pierced. Ella Kate loves jewelry and accessories. I told her I would talk with Dad about it and see what he thinks. Everything I do he says your crazy. So I usually just make my own judgement call.

Ella Kate and I talked about it for about two weeks. She was scared of the pain and I would try and explain it to her. The Saturday before school started we went to Sweet and Sassy to get her hair cut for school. They had earrings on a stand and Ella Kate was admiring them. I asked if she wanted to get them pierced and she replied, “No, not today, maybe tomorrow.” I said that sounds silly. So she got her hair cut and another little girl came in to get her ears pierced. I watched her and she didn’t even flinch. When she got finished I asked her if it hurt and she said not really. I told Ella Kate and she said oh really? I asked her if she wanted to do it and she said “No, not today.” So we left.

We had to run errands in Germantown and Collierville. It was tax free weekend and I always load up on shoes for the girls. I had to return a pair I bought at DSW. We talked about the ears all throughout our trip. When we got to DSW, which is near DeAngelis Jewelers which is where I got mine pierced when I was 10 years old. I told Ella Kate and she said, I want to get mine pierced where you did. I said okay. When do you want to do it? She said right now. I said well lets go in and you can talk to them about it. So we went in and she asked the lady if it hurt and she explained what would happen. I told Ella Kate it was up to her. She decided to go for it. He did the first ear and she jumped big and made some fists and then she said that didn’t hurt. It wasn’t the first one I was worried about, it was the second. He asked her if she was ready for the second one and she said yes. She jumped big time, the gun fell out of his hand, but he got it in perfectly.

Boom. Done. Pierced. $20.00

She got to wear a princess tiara for the occasion (from the store, no I do not ride around with tiaras in my big ole purse of stuff). She is so proud that she didn’t cry (and mom too). We went and picked up her shoes and she would tell everyone that she just got her ears pierced. Then we had to go meet Mimi and Papa to get cowgirl boots. I told Ella Kate to not tell them anything and to let them figure it out. I think within about three minutes my mom said “ELLA KATE! YOU GOT YOUR EARS PIERCED!!!” Ella Kate was beaming and she said “Yes, and I didn’t cry!”

So she has 4 more weeks of the studs and peroxide and she can change them out. We haven’t bought any earrings yet, but I am sure we will make a special occasion for it!

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