Unpublishing posts…

I just went through three posts that I had previously started and deleted them because they are now old news.

I have pictures to upload and stories to tell. We have had quite an end to our summer vacation, school has just started this week. Tears have been had, ears have been pierced, and the four of us went on a safari in Alamo, TN.

I can already tell that this new chapter in our lives is going to take some getting use to. Ella Kate went only one day of Kindergarten and I will keep that till I have the pictures up.

Addison started Monday, both girls went yesterday. Today we are all at home. Thursday, Addison goes back. Then next week EK is full time. I normally wake up between 4-5 am and work out. I decided this week to take a couple of weeks off until we get our schedule figured out. So yesterday I woke up at 5:15 and got myself ready, made lunches, checked backpacks etc. I got EK up at 6:15 and she was all aaaaarrrrghhh its early. I told her to hush it, she normally wakes up at 5:30-6 anyway (speaking of which I can hear her music box right now and it is 6:11). I got her up and medicated, teeth brushed, flat ironed her hair and had her eating breakfast at 6:45. I got Addison up at 6:45 who was still asleep…we were out of the house at 7:25.

Overall it went pretty well. I have discovered that I might be spending close to 5 hours a week waiting in a carpool line. I tell you what, I sure was lucky when I was in elementary school, we just had to walk across the street and boom, we were there and home.

Anyways, when I get the pictures up of all the above activities I will tell our stories.

I do have some news on the cheer front. We decided to pull Ella Kate from cheer. It wasn’t what we signed up for. Originally the gym was in Arlington, um perfect for us. Then in June we find out that they are merging with Memphis Elite because the owner passed away. So that moves us to their gym which is big, unorganized, and slightly chaotic. Ella Kate’s classes have been late, we have no idea who the coach is, if we have practice etc. So those two things were really making an organized person angry. Plus, they changed the schedule on us every month. Last month we practiced Wed. and Sat. This month Tues. and Sat. Also not good for an organized person. My second reason is for safety. There are tons of people and kids in and out of that place, with really no supervision. Ella Kate has been to the potty during practice by herself and she didn’t know where her squad was, she could have easily walked out, or been picked up. My third reason is the traveling. When we originally signed up, as stated in the contract, tinys (Ella Kate’s squad) will compete locally. The owner told me that there might be just one trip in December, but the parents would vote on it. Now that we are a new gym, they are required to travel three times. Which is ridiculous, her team consists of 3-5 year olds. I just think at that age level, they should focus on skills and tumbling. So we made the decision to pull her out. She wasn’t too excited about it because she really liked it. But I told her we would find something for her to do.

Anyways, until we get our new chapters in our lives figured out…I would like to set a date that I can update my blog. I have fell behind this summer because of being home with the girls and work.

So I am going to upload pictures today!

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