I always feel like I need to have pictures when I post here. Not this time, we have been having so much fun that I forget to take pictures! I have had an incredibly stressed week. Michael told me last weekend that I had a plan to work on. It is for a funeral home in Memphis, owned by Harold Ford. I jokingly asked Michael if he was going to pay, if you know the Ford family in Memphis, well that is just a shady bunch of folks. Anyway, we set up a time to meet, which was Tuesday. I started working on the plan and Thursday Michael informed me that it was due the following Monday. I instantly became an unhappy camper. I haven’t worked on a plan this large since I worked at the engineering firm. So that and two kids has almost put me over the edge. I am half way through with it, we are going to “knock it out” as Michael said tomorrow. So I will be glad when I don’t have to open that cad file. It is a fairly difficult plan because the owner wants it botanical, more beds than turf. So designing all these beds takes a lot of planning.


Addison has all of a sudden decided that she is going to start talking. A ton. For some reason, after she finishes going to the bathroom, she gets off the potty and puts her two index fingers together and says two. When she hears a plane, or any noise that resembles thunder, or thunder itself, she says Dat’s Dunder. I scared. When she hears a choo choo, or a horn she says Dat’s choo choo. We can hear the train at our house often and I hear her saying choo choo a lot. Her new favorite phrase is I don’t like it. She uses it often, and mostly correct. Her hair is out of control in the humidity, ringlets everywhere. I love her blonde curls. She is such a sweet baby, who is growing into a little girl before my very eyes. She amazes me, she falls down and gets a bloody knee and she runs over and says Mom, boo boo. I clean it if it needs it, give it a kiss…boom it never happened. She is doing well on the potty training, she has had only two accidents. Yesterday I took her potty upstairs and I had to run downstairs to get something and I heard her at the top of the gate and she said poo poo (she calls everything poo poo) and I knew I was to late when I heard her say Dat’s bad. Ha! You can almost have a conversation with her, and she definitely has a ton to say. She calls Ella Kate, Kate. She calls her head, My haid, I love that one. Mama, I bumped my haid…give it a kiss, boom, never happened. Two weeks ago we lost Wild Willy, Addison’s beta fish. I noticed it and told her he had passed. She said Wild Willy gone gone. We went to petco and she picked out a blue beta fish. We named it Blue. So Blue and Colonel Sandwich appear to be thriving together. She loves to jump, and she is pretty darn good at it. She taught herself to do a flip. I say Addison, turn a flip, and there she goes. She loves jumping on the trampoline, which makes me nervous because EK gets a little rough with her. But she does just laughs and laughs.

I keep waiting to go outside and feel cooler weather, I am completely ready for fall. I know we have at least another two months of this. I think we have been lucky so far because I haven’t seen the 98 and 99 on the forecast. I love all that the fall entails, and can’t wait to spend it with the girls and Michael. Addison is getting to the age where she can enjoy our activities. She had just started walking in August a year ago. That is crazy to think about.

Ella Kate. Man that girl is just something. She is so kind and caring. She has such a big heart. She has been so excited about starting kindergarten throughout the summer. I have been telling her all about it and how much fun she is going to have. Michael has been putting Ella Kate to bed for years now, reads about a dozen books and talks to her, that’s their time together. My time is in the morning, I get in her bed and read a couple of books and her kids devotional bible and then we talk about things. About a week ago, she told me she was scared to go to kindergarten. She was worried about how long it is, who her teacher was going to be, and if she would make new friends. I told her that she would be fine and she will make friends wherever she goes. I told her how nice she treats other people, she is sure to make new friends. I had a teacher and a substitute teacher tell me how much they like Ella Kate, and how she tries to be friends with everyone in her class. There were several “groups” in her preschool class and they tended to stick to each other. Both teachers said to me (at different times) how she didn’t stick to a group, that she was friends with everyone. One of her friend’s mom is a kindergarten teacher and she is doing a kindergarten bootcamp all next week with all over her preschool friends that are going to Arlington. I asked EK if she wants to go and she said YES YES YES mama, please please? So I think that will be great for her, to see old faces and to learn. Hopefully one of them will be in her class this fall. I asked her about her school supplies and she said she would like to go pick them out herself and she also requested that Dad be there, since he won’t be able to send her off. So we went to Target and she picked out all her supplies. Her favorites were a red spiral notebook with hearts on it, a pink box, and purple scissors. In our talk this morning, she said she wasn’t scared anymore. I still can’t believe she is going. I am unsure how I will react to sending her off. I cried on the way home her first day of preschool. I also cried when I said goodbye to Addison’s teacher Ms. Alesia. That woman was so fond of Addison, she took such good care of her and treated her like her own. So we shall see, I know she is going to love it!

 She is really loving cheerleading and she hasn’t even really started it yet! She can almost do a backwards roll. She is working on cartwheels. They are doing exercises to strengthen their shoulders so that their hands can hold their weight. She will have a choreography camp in August to learn their new routines. Their competition season begins in November and lasts till April I believe. Most of them are in town. One is out of town (there might be another out of town), it is in Sevierville, TN. I believe it is in December and there is a huge indoor water park too. We are looking forward to that trip!

I recently took a week and cleaned the upstairs. Like really clean it. I went through everything and throughout bags of junk, trash, and random stuff. I set baby toys aside. I have been selling toys on Arlington Resale facebook page. It’s kinda sad, realizing that the baby toys aren’t touched anymore, moving on to older toys. So I take the money from the sale and buy them new toys, or old. I recently went on a rampage on ebay. I bought a lite brite today, for ten bucks, complete with beauty and the beast, aladin, chip n dale, and duck tale sheets. Ella Kate is going to flip over that thing. I also bought them a huge lot of polly pockets. It is insane how much is in the lot. Fifteen dolls, horses, cars, dogs, 4 different play “structures”, and the outfits…insane. I won it for $20. She is going to love it. Ella Kate likes little things. I use to have to check her pockets before entering her preschool class to see what she had in them. Her 3 year teacher pulled me aside to talk about her friend the fly. I actually had no idea what she was talking about, and apparently EK had been bringing her friend the fly (which was a tiny real looking fly) in her pocket at school and they were doing everything together. So much so that the teacher had to “borrow” the fly and put it in her pocket. The teacher actually forgot about it and it went home. So EK asked about it the next day and was upset that she didn’t bring it back. So that’s what the teacher had to tell me. She asked if the fly could stay home. The next day I was handed the fly, which only had one wing, and I took it home. I have no idea where she got it either. That girl, she is something. Anyways, she just likes little tiny toys…I thought polly pocket would be a perfect match! And the selling of the toys is so crazy. It is almost like a drug deal. I wait in the parking lot at the Arlington Kroger gas station and when I see the car pull up, I jump out, get the toy, exchange, and jump back in and leave. Ha!

Michael left for a race today, it starts tonight and he will finish around 1 am. Ella Kate has recently asked for some Mama time, so I thought tonight would be perfect. We have made plans to paint our toes, stay up late, sleep in mom’s bed, and I bought her Where the Wild Things Are, she has no idea, but I bought it this morning. She is going to love it! It is her favorite book! She would have my parents read it over and over and over again at their house. We took it home with us, and for Christmas last year, I bought her a hardcover of it at Costco. Last Thursday during our morning alone time, I asked her what her favorite favorite book is and she said WTWTA, and she went and got it and she said here I will read it to you. She has it memorized word for word. She “read” the whole thing! Anyways, so we are going to do all that and make pom pom animals. She keeps calling it ladies night.

I forgot to mention, I noticed two or three dots on EK’s face last week and I knew exactly what it was, the rash is back. I am talking about THE RASH from her inhaler. It isn’t as bad as the last one, but she is very self conscious about it this time.  It took almost three months for the last one to go away. I have been hydrogen peroxiding and slathering her with cream religiously. We had to go back to the dr. to get more cream. It looked worse Thursday, and today it actually looks better. I am so hoping that it is completely gone by the time first day of school arrives. I can only imagine how she would feel if it isn’t gone. Poor kid. I feel so bad for her, she was 3 the last time she had it and she didn’t even notice it. One day we were at my parent’s house and I give them photo books of each girl for the whole year and she found that book and said Mom, what is that on my face? I told her and she said that is sad, that makes me sad. She actually cried about it the other day. I reassured her that she is beautiful inside and out and that it is not here to stay. She is glad that it is getting better though!

The rash of 2010. At its worse, not near as bad this time. 
Look how beautiful she is…
RIP Wild Willy.

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