Previously in June…

Our schedule has been rattled since the month of June…and I am typing with some sort of injured right middle finger, so this is just fun!! I will get to that later.

So month of June came and went…birthday, beach, two weeks of swim lessons, week of potty training, work, injured fingers…We’ve been super busy but enjoying most everything!

After Addison’s second birthday, we packed it up and had siri take us all the way to Rosemary Beach, which is 5 minutes outside of Seaside Beach, Watercolor Beach, and Grayton Beach. It is also about 15 minutes from Panama City. We left early, 5:00 and Addison finally fell asleep at 1:00 when we arrived at the beach…typical. My parents rented a 3 bed room condo with bunk beds in the hall closet. The setup worked well. We just need to get AC and EK to not kill each other so they can sleep in the same bed. We rented a crib for Addison and shoved it in our closet. The first day we went to the beach for a couple of hours. Addison just was not a fan of sand and water. But the little girls had a blast! Sunday Michael and I woke up at 5:45 and went on the balcony to see a big storm roll in. We also saw 4 or 5 dolphins and then it rained the whole day. The weather was perfect the rest of the trip!! I couldn’t believe how brave Ella Kate was, loved everything about the beach! She loved loved the ocean and the sandbar! We saw two sting rays and Michael and EK were within 20′ of a shark! He was about 15′ from the shore, in between the sandbar and the beach. Scary! Michael told EK to run and get out and they hollered down the beach that a shark was in the water. We saw only a couple of jelly fish. Other than that the water and weather were perfect!

Spa day with EK…getting our toes ready for sandy beaches!

Addison likes to wear her sunglasses like mom…on top!

The car…all packed up!
6:00 a.m.

At the beach…sad!
First full day, stormy.

Movie day!

June 12, 2013…our 9th anniversary.

EK and Dad on sandbar.
and beached out!

Towards the end of the vacation I would get Addison to walk on the beach with me and she would let the water hit her toes…I think if she had another couple of days she wouldn’t mind it much.
Addison…20 minutes from out house…completely tired! She did fine I think. It could have been a bunch worse…so I will take it!!

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