Anniversary and Fathers Day

Michael and I have been married for 9 years now. We have never given each other anniversary presents…and we hardly ever buy anything  that we actually want. He has been talking about a Yeti cooler for a while now…and they were running deals on them and I got him one. It is his third child! He loves it!

I had my eye on a watch for a while…I actually have only had one nice watch that I got for my highschool graduation, a swiss army watch…and a couple of digital ones…I lurve it!!

We celebrated our anniversary on the beach all day. That night each family did their own thing. We took the girls to eat pizza and walk around. We had made reservations at Fish Out of Water. It is a 5 star restaurant in Water Color, Florida. It was ridiculously good! We dined on bread, an olive plate, salads, and some other random food items that the chef kept sending us to try. I mowed down the following, steak! It was super good! Michael had Blue Fin Tuna, and he said it was awesome! He wanted me to try it but I couldn’t bring myself to do so, something about red insides that just boggle me.

We got home from the beach that Saturday and Father’s Day was the next day. We had a low key day…Michael made tacos for lunch and ribs for dinner! The mug on the table was a present from EK, I took her to paint a piece and she made that for him.

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