is potty trained at 25 months. Holy Moly.

I hate potty training. I was so frustrated with Ella Kate and I didn’t really know what I was doing…so I started googling. I found train your kid to potty in three days by Lora Jensen. I spent $24 dollars and downloaded her ebook. Best money ever spent. I started over with EK and it took 4 days total, three with her method. I read up on it before starting Addison…and I debated and debated and thought she was ready. We went and picked out big girl panties, Dora and Disney Fairies. 

For a while she had been interested in the potty…what I do and Ella Kate. I busted out her potty and she began to sit on it. Here she is at Holly’s sitting on the oustide potty.

I waited until we were off for a whole week, which happened to be the 4th of July Week. These two pictures are the last diapers I will ever put on my kids. Holy Moly.

We began the next morning…dipes off. Tee tee everywhere…she even pooped on the floor. We barricaded ourselves in the kitchen for two days straight. We went outside. The method I use is getting the kids to tell you when they have to potty. Teach them the difference between wet and dry. I have said “Tell Mom when you have to go potty” at least one million times since the 3rd. But it works. She made it in the potty once on the 3rd. The next day,  the 4th, she had one tiny accident and she said “wet, mom, dirty.” Then it clicked. She went 8 times that day and at the end of the day, she pooped in her potty! Ella Kate didn’t do that for a long time…she had power struggles over pooping…kinda still does. She had one other tiny accident because she wouldn’t leave her puzzle. She said “Mom, potty.” I said come on and she had to mess with it once more and she began to tee…she said “Oh no!” and I pulled her to the potty and she finished in it. She has been accident free since. We have done the show test, a movie test, being outside…potty goes all places.

This was Friday, we let her out and into the house. Bummer about wearing panties…wedgies! Ha!

Her movie test. Ella Kate had trouble when she was watching a show and just forget all things…she still gets a fierce look on her when she watches something, she is in the show! Addison did great though!

That first day is the absolute pits. Tee, poo everywhere…I question everything…is she old enough, am I pushing to hard? Should I give up…no. Keep going. I was going to give her a total week and see what happened. She got it in a day and a half. Everytime she went potty I would secretly say Thank you thank you thank you. Its an amazing thing when they get it! Ella Kate was 27 months and Addison is 25 months. She is just so tiny and I thought I was trying to early…wrong. She even woke up from her nap yesterday dry. The method actually teaches day and night. But I am doing all this solo and I just don’t think I can do night. I trained EK at night at 3 1/2. If Addison was in a real bed I would probably do it…but she is going to be in a crib until Christmas, unless she jumps.

Today she has insisted on using Ella Kate’s potty which has a little insert in it. I told her I was cool with that, not having to clean that little potty and I can keep the little potty in the car.

We have yet to leave the house. We will probably be going to people’s houses for a little bit. I have to take her somewhere on Wednesday but will have the potty in the back. She will probably do fine on big people’s potty…but I am going to wait as long as I can! 

Our life is very chaotic right now, I realized a few weeks ago that it would be hard to train her with her still taking a morning nap. So we have officially dropped the morning nap. There was a ton of fighting this morning. So I need to come up with a more structured routine. I have work to do and kids to entertain and I need to find out balance! I was a little sad when I looked at my blog and realized I only have 30 something posts…but like I said…we are busy peeps!! 

Anyways, super proud of my t-tiny girl!!

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