Summer Fun…thus far.

Well we have been busy these first two weeks of summer vacation. Ella Kate is on her second Bob book and really catching on! She struggles with AND and THE. So we have really been working on those. She just can’t remember the TH sound. But she is having fun and really likes making words with the bananagrams. I haven’t decided if we will take our work to the beach or not. I might just in case we have a rainy day.

I try and do a “science experiment” once a week. I have managed to do only one so far. I was busy with the party last week and this week vacation. I use to love these things when I was little and found some at the $1 spot at Target and picked them up.

We did some in the sink and saved some for bath time. They were a hit. Now they like to fling them on the walls of the tub and see if they stick.

I put the girls in the “cage” and turned the sprinkler on them. Huge hit with EK not a huge hit with A.

She was not fond of the water hitting her, so she played in her water table!

So we try and play outside for a good bit of the day. We read, color, craft, watch shows, and play inside. I have deemed Fridays as our field trip day. We went to the zoo one day. Tomorrow is officially a spa day. Ella Kate and I are getting our feet ready for vacation! After vacation we will keep on with our field trips as long as it isn’t too hot outside.

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