Addison turned 2!!

Last Monday, a week ago, we looked at the forecast for the weekend and it looked warm and sunny. Then Wednesday hit and it was still warm, but sunny for Saturday. I wanted to cancel it, but mean ole Michael wouldn’t let me. So we went ahead with it. We should have had it in the morning, although cloudy, sun was poking out. By the party time it was just a little drizzle…the girls were able to get in the pool. But we had the party inside.

Addison is the only summer birthday in our entire family. So we want to make sure that we take full advantage of my mom’s or sister’s pool! She had a good time and everyone else did too. She still doesn’t care much about opening presents, but really liked what was inside of them!

This years theme was a luau!

Many thanks to the Dollar Tree for supplying excellent party supplies. Gotta get them early because they go super quick! I spent $40 dollars for everything! Cheapest party I have ever planned!

I was going to make cake pops with the fishy beach scene. But ran across these extra ginormous marshmallows at target and decided to use those instead. They worked great and tasted good too! Ella Kate helped me with the fish pops…

and she put all the sprinkles on the rice krispy treats! These are a staple for all things preschool related, so easy and fast, and tastes super good!

I had left over white chocolate and I decided to make a tray of white chocolate flat pretzels. My family loves these flat pretzels that I get at costco!

Fruit Kabob!

I never know what to do with their cakes. Ella Kate and I like ice cream cakes. I am just not a cake fan…I like icing though! So I went to costco to see if they had a beach theme and this is what they did! It was super good and this is definetly one of my favorite cake cakes to eat. It has cheesecake filling in it too.

Addison ate nothing but sugar for the rest of the afternoon. She favored the pretzels and every time I saw her she was putting them in her mouth! So by the time bed time rolled around she was just a mess!

Happy Girl!
One of her favorite things to do is carry around a tube…not in the water!
These were a huge hit! Ella Kate gave her some cinderalla slippers that light up when you walk. She has been “sharing” Ella Kate’s for months now and we decided that would be a perfect gift from big sis!

This was her big present from Michael and I. She got her very own AG doll. She also has been “sharing” Ella Kate’s AG doll Carolyn. There have been many a fights over it. I know she is too little for one, but she carries that thing all over the house. She also sleeps in her bed with her. We haven’t named her yet…so we just call her Baby.
We were walking around Target one day, EK and I and we saw these jeeps…EK thought the world of them and my mom was asking what to get Addison for her birthday and I told her about the jeeps and she decided to get her one. Jeep has been used daily with Baby around our house. Its a good push toy! 
On a side note, Ella Kate was such a big help to me with the party and getting things ready for the upcoming vacation, that I gave her a special present…her very own jeep too!

“Blowing” out the candles.
My mini me!

Yesterday I realized what a terrible job I did at taking pictures throughout the party. I didn’t even get a picture of her eating cake…partly because we had a big meltdown while cake was being served. YAY 2! I also didn’t get a picture of the 4 of us either!

Happy Birthday Addison Grace!

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