Pre School Graduation!

On May 16, this little girl…

(Above) Her teachers, Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Julie
(Below) They asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grow up, Ella Kate said a mom.
Spotting us in the crowd!
Months of the year song, they colored their birth month and stood up when they sang the month.

Each student got a graduation medal!

As usual, after every function at their school, a cookie and punch reception!

Addison stayed in her class while we went to the program…I figured I could pay better attention without her roaming around.

Yay Kindergarten!!

She was so excited about graduating! She thought she was going to Kindergarten the very next day! I told her we had all of summer to go and then she would be going. After the program and reception her class had a party at Pump It Up. It was EK’s first time going and she had a blast. After that was over we went back to the school and picked up Addison and went home for naps. We had a celebratory dinner at IHOP where the little grad dined on a chocolate chip pancake! I got her a new backpack and lunch box for Kindergarten as a present!

I can’t believe how fast pre-school went by! She was there for 3 years! This summer we are working on reading using a Bob Book curriculum, so far she has mastered 2 books! She really loves reading and being read to, which we think is great. I am not much of a reader myself, simply because I don’t have the time for it! She is catching on pretty quickly and we are really stressing the site words. But she is having fun!

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