Caught Up…

Well that gets us caught up for the most part. I need to upload some more pictures from my phone. I really need to break the habit of using my phone instead of my camera. But, my phone is always with me because of work and we also don’t have a land line. So its usually in my pocket and when the kids do something I just take a quick picture!

So what’s going on with us for the summer? Well as of Monday, this Saturday looked freaking perfect for Addison’s second birthday party. Then on Wednesday, boom 50% chance of storms, it keeps saying late. So hopefully it will be at night. I have yet to give it a time, we are trying to avoid a wash out. We are having a luau at my parent’s house. I am making the marshmallow pops and rice-crispy pops today. If it ends up being indoors, I am saving all the Luau stuff for next year. Boo the rain! Raining on her parade! So we shall see. We are making a decisions on the timing until later this afternoon.

Her real birthday is on Monday. We are going to the dr. for her checkup and to get Ella Kate’s shot record for school. Then I have to pound out my pansy order for the fall. I have started making lists for the beach trip which is coming up a week from Saturday. Gotta start packing the fam for that too! We are going to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for a whole week!

When we get back from the beach, Ella Kate starts two weeks of swimming lessons at Holly’s house. I was going to potty train Addison after the beach, but with us running around like that, impossible. So I am saving that for July! Oh boy! Not my favorite phase of parenting. Hopefully it will go easier second time around. She shows interest in the potty. She sits on it before baths, wipes, and gets in the tub and wets. Oh yes. But she does stay dry for the most part during naps. Everytime she no. 2 she walks up and says I poo pood. I say where is poo poo suppose to go and she runs and points to the potty. So TBC…

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