Gotta start somewhere…Easter!

Ella Kate is at the age where she can really get into arts and crafts without making a huge gigantic toddler mess. She died all the Easter Eggs herself this year!

Of course around our house, everything looks better if it is glittered, sparkly, or bedazzled! 

She still loves helping in the kitchen, one of her favorite things to do is help with Kale chips!
Little A, after an indoor Easter egg hunt.
EK’s bunny loot.

Addison’s loot.
EK is excited!

Addison, well, not so much!

She is touch and go these days!

EK’s picture I took for her recital program!

Just hanging around, and yes we do usually have dress-up scattered throughout the house (Tink on the floor).

I made cake pops. They were pretty easy and I am going to try and start making them for their birthdays!

I finally uploaded all the pictures of my camera…had to make room for the birthday, beach, and summer pictures!

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