The Dodds

A few months ago I had mentioned that Patrick had huge news…and that news was the Pat was going to be a contestant on the Voice! Well if you all were watching the Voice up till now we know that he was unfortunately eliminated. Boo. We had a fine time gearing up to that point. We had watch parties with Anne Marie and his girls. We had a huge send off party for him too!

The night it premiered we all went to Mezcal out in Arlington to eat, it was a Monday night and I didn’t feel like feeding 13 people. While we were there a group of girls kept staring at Patrick and they got up to leave and asked if he would take a picture with him. I have it somewhere. He was shocked that that had happened! So cute!! Then we came back to the house and we watched the premier and got this glimpse of Patrick…and we went wild!!

The following Wednesday he left for battlerounds…so Anne Marie and the girls came over to watch the next couple of shows. Patrick’s blind audition was on a Tuesday. We actually knew what happened with him at all times, but were forbidden to say anything about it. The way they show the shows is totally out of sequence from the way they go down. He auditioned on the last day. Blake and Usher had only one spot to fill. So they didn’t turn around because they were looking for specific people, which was actually said to him when they were filming his audition. He also told Shakira that she smelled nice when he hugged her! Ha! So Pat!

Anyways, I was putting Addison down and I saw a funny little red truck pull up to my house and bust out with a basket and balloons. I was like oh no, this guy has the wrong house. I opened the door and he said he had a fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. He asked what was going on because the card read the official Patrick Dodd party house. I told him what was going on and he was like oh I love that guy…he played at his church Heartsong last year. Ha. I told him to watch the show tonight because he was going to be on it.

Anyways, two years ago perhaps…for my birthday I wanted to go to Beale to watch Patrick play so Patrick picked us up and we headed down to the Blues Hall. There is a table right up front under a huge speaker and their was a couple sitting at the table. We were our obnoxious selves yelling crazy things and screaming PPPPPPAAAAUUUUTTT…we were hoping to annoy the couple so they would leave and we could claim our table. As the night went on, they started getting rowdy too! We got them screaming and they invited us to their table. That night we met Brent and Kim…two people from Ohio that drive 10 hours 4 – 5 times a year to see him play on Beale! They were excited to meet two of his crazy best friends and were loving the stories we were telling them. Now we all get together when they come in town! Kim even threw panties up on the stage during the Patrick Dodd Trio CD release party. Good times!

Anyway, Kim and Brent sent a massive fruit basket and balloons for our party! It was so sweet of them, and they included a picture of themselves. I called them on the phone and they requested a picture of us holding them! Ha!

Had to put it next to the freshly kegged Double Stout!

Patrick made t-shirts out of this picture without the wording on it…It’s an awesome shot of him!
Here we are, holding the picture of Brent and Kim! Just missing them and Pat!

This picture is funny to me because we all know what is going to happen, minus the guy on the left. We were all jumping and screaming the whole night. Bean, the Dodds youngest (far left) cried hysterically when Patrick was singing. I love the look on Anne Marie’s face! (Hands on head)
The Dodd Family, from L to R…Ashtyn (middle daughter), Bean (Haylie youngest), Anne Marie (mom), and Lizzie (oldest).

Girl on the left is Lauren, AM’s sister.

Patrick on TV!!
Ella Kate and Addison were in bed the night he was on tv. So they watched it the next morning. Addison really really really dislikes Patrick. It is soooo funny! They spent the night after their going away party and when they came downstairs to leave, Patrick picked Addison up and she screamed bloody bloody murder. Never have we ever heard her scream like that. They came over last Sunday and she was standing in the front yard and as soon as they pulled up, she ran over to me and hid. I don’t know what it is…must be the hair?

They really got messed over in this whole thing and we now know that it is rigged. Patrick even said they tell you its rigged if you get as far as he did. They are looking for someone who is marketable. Anne Marie and the girls left about a week after Patrick left…it was a Tuesday. His battle round was suppose to be Wednesday. They had them all ready numerous times and they kept pulling them out. They were getting furious because one by one the steals were going away. I hadn’t heard from them so I texted Thursday to see if they were staying an extra week cause he was doing so rad. All I got was a thumbsdown picture. She said she couldn’t talk but texted he was out.

I finally talked to Anne Marie on Friday around noon…she was hysterical. She said they kept pushing him out and when he finally did his battle round that Thursday, all steals were gone. He was out. As we know he was on team Adam. Adam was apparently really upset with the way things went down and told him that he was going to take care of Patrick. We are hoping that is still the case. All the Dodds arrived home Friday. Patrick was in pretty bad shape, but we finally convinced him to come over last Sunday…he was in a much better place and he has record deals arriving daily. He isn’t allowed to make any official decision for 90 days, but he is allowed to play. Good and BIG things are coming his way. I must say…if you head to Beale, make sure Pat is playing…he is really really good!!

We knew what was coming when we watched his battle round Monday and I literally wanted to throw up watching it. I had several people facebook me and text me if I knew something because we were being so quite. I didn’t know what to say! I had a post ready to post on facebook…and as soon as Adam said Midas Whale…I posted – Midas Whale…go to HELL! Anyways. As Patrick and AM say…it is what it is! Watch him tonight, he is singing the national anthem at the Grizzlies Game!

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