Other April

I haven’t mentioned that Michael and I got Iphone 5s through work…I have been a total slacker on using my good camera. So every picture you have seen that I posted today is off my phone. Boo Me. I am going to upload my camera after I finish with these!

Here is our garden. We planted okra, kale, squash, zucchini, jalapenos, banana peppers, onions, bell peppers, and dill. I have 4 cherry tomatoes this year, 4 basil, 1 oregano, 1 parsely, 1 chive, and 1 rosemary. I love basil and cherry tomatoes.

Every year Ella Kate always wants me to blow her some bubbles…which I do, but usually lasts all of three minutes and pass out. So I got this. Huge hit. If your kids love bubbles…best 10 dollars ever spent. Go Target and Bubble Machines. Done. Boom. Just put it up high so your youngest doesn’t dump it over. Boo.

If you lay Addison’s pink blankie out on the ground, she immediately does this:

Michael fixing his kids hair.

Last weekend we went to North Little Rock for the Ouchita 50 miler on Pinnacle Mtn. We got their early on Friday and got him checked in and set up camp. He then decided that he wanted to go hike Pinnacle Mountain to see what was involved. Let me tell you, a bunch was involved. It said strenuous hike. I don’t think that was even a good description. I think they could have named it Holy Hell Hike.

Here is Michael at the base of the mountain…all boulders, not too bad…still on your feet.

Okay pictures are out of order, I will go with it. Here we are at the summit and look what that new fancy phone can do…panorama pictures. I was so so close to bringing my canon, good thing I didn’t.

Two of us, Summit. Pinnacal Mountain.
Looking down on one side. Yeah…straight down boulders.

This part, not to bad either…still on feet.
Here is where strenuous hike becomes, um Holy Hell Hike. We are talking about on all 4s, could have used some chalk, and possible a safety rope.
Where’s Claire? on all 4s. I told Michael it was a good thing I am in shape…It might have took us longer than it did. Plus we didn’t bring ANY water!

We just climbed up that.
5 minutes till race.
Done! 9:39:something

The race was on Saturday. After we climbed that mountain Friday Michael said I really wished we hadn’t done that…number 1 because he knows what to expect, number 2 he has to do it again. He did well and said it was one of the toughest races he has ever done. He had almost brand new trail shoes and those bad boys aren’t cheap…and he tore holes in both sides of each shoes. Great! He placed 8th! We went back to the camp site, mowed down steaks and pasta and went to bed. Got up at 6 packed our junk and were in Memphis at 10:30 to get the girls.

Patrick, Anne Marie, and Bean came over…we hadn’t seen them in a week or so…we mowed down burgers and hung our for a second and were in bed at 8:30…tiring weekend!

Here is Addison and I prior to their arrival, she was a happy girl then!

Right after those pictures were shot, she did a mad dash, followed by a quick twirl, and landed a face plant on the driveway. She recovered quickly but has a little road rash on her face.

Michael on the summit, again. Its fuzzy cause we stole it off a website.

Then Monday I had to “help” EK and her first “project” for school. She had a potato pageant Tuesday. So the week before we brained stormed ideas for her potato and she immediately said princess and I immediately shut it down. I said I bet all your other classmates are going to have princess potatoes. So we talked about other ideas and she decided on a bee. She helped put the eyes, wings, and stinger on.

Best Insect Award! We got to school and princess potatoes were everywhere. She looked at me and said man, Mom you were right…everyone else did princess potatoes. Her teacher heard her and I just kinda smiled.

Tuesday night, stretching before Cheer Evals.
and last night…individual pictures for ballet.
and today…family picnic at School for the oldest preschoolers.

So as you can see we have been really really busy! Plus Michael and I are working around 50 hours still. I kinda can’t wait till it gets hot and the phone stops ringing. This has definitely been our busiest spring ever. I have one more week of regular work and then I start a grueling week of flowers for a whole week…all 58 of our properties planted in one week. Oh yeah. Then ballet recital, EK’s graduation, cheerleaing….I can almost feel the sand on my feet at Santa Rosa beach…oh and Addison’s second birthday…a Luau!! Holy Moly I need a rita!

Pardon my English, spelling, grammer whatever…I am in a huge hurry…my midgits are screaming from their beds after napping…off to Kroger to get stuff for black and blue salads…then to tumbling…then deep breaths…deep breaths.

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