Hello poor sad neglected blog

Deep breath. Would you believe that I finally caught up on most of my work. I only had a handful of tasks today to finish and decided today would be a good day to catch up on this thing.


We spent a good bit of time outside when the weather was nice. The girls are LOVING the trampoline…its also very nice that it is caged, it almosts acts like a play pen…a really fun play pen.

Stadium seating for movie night. We move their everywhere chairs from Mimi and Papa in and the grab their blankies and watch side by side. Addison doesn’t have the attention span to watch the whole movie…she usually starts doing acrobatics off the back of her chair and the couch.

Still mowing down our platefuls of organic Belgian Waffles on Saturday. Addison eats 1 1/2 and Ella Kate eats 2!!!

Addison still rocks out her morning and afternoon naps! She was getting it on this one!

Ella Kate got 4″ cut off her hair. It looks so much healthier now…plus summer and swimming is coming and it took forever to dry!

Easter! We celebrated Easter with Michael’s family Saturday and then we went over to my parent’s after church for lunch and an Easter egg hunt inside because it had rained a ton and was nasty outside.

Cousins in Mimi’s dresses.
EK got a Cinderella wedding gown for Easter. She LOVES dressup and ALL things girly!
Addison and her first bow!
Not quite ready for a bow!
Michael’s name was selected for the turkey lottery out at a park in Millington. He was allowed in on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If he killed one Monday then he was through. I got a call at 9:00 and he had bagged a turkey. We are going to fry it this weekend!!

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