Well first part of April…

Ella Kate had…another asthma attack. Here is what the girl’s bathroom looks like when she has her attacks.

Addison has started going to time out. Here she is in her first time out. She sits on the time out bench for 30 seconds.
She also loves wearing other people’s shoes!
EK had her group pictures for ballet this year. Her recital is May 11!

Sporting my Patrick Dodd shirt and drinking a stout in his honor!

My three crazies.
Okay, so previously mentioned that EK wanted to quit ballet either in March or February this year…which I am so gungho about because I think it is a waste of money and it is not very althletic. I told her she had to stick it out till then end, since we already paid for it and the recital is within reach. After she threw that fit I asked her what she would like to do and she said gymnastics or cheerleading. So for the next three weeks or so we talked about the difference between the two sports. She wanted to learn how to do the flips I do on the trampoline…I showed her videos on gymnastics and for cheerleading. I told her the differences between the two sports. On her own, she chose cheerleading. She said she likes the tumbling, dancing, and group idea better. Gymnastics is really an individuals sport. I told her she had to stick with cheerleading for a year…and that she really needed to make sure that that was what she wanted to do. 
So here she is, being evaluated for a tumbling class…and she is starting at the low end of the bunch. I think I got my back-handspring when I was around 6…I was a little bit more advanced than her at her age, but also started in gymnastics pretty early. 
When I walked her in, my heart immediately skipped a beat. The elite cheerleaders were practicing their stunts. Almost immediately I could feel the pain in every bone that I broke while cheering. If she actually sticks with this, she could be very good by the time middle school and high school gets here. Only time will tell if she likes it.  She loves the tumbling classes. They are working on cartwheels, backward rolls, and handstands. 
This week has been a mad house around here. She had tumbling Monday, Ballet Tuesday, Cheer Evaluation for 2 hours Tuesday night, Ballet pictures yesterday, Tumbling tonight, and the last night of Cheer Evaluations Friday. We will then know what team she is on and which classes she will take. Amazingly, the cheerleading has not interfered with ballet. We are down to our final two weeks and we have two ballet practices next week and a stage rehearsal the following week…all of which are mandatory. But anways, she is loving the cheerleading…hopefully it sticks!

I got her and Carolyn matching pjs!
Addison’s hair has a mind of its own lately. With it being hot and humid it curls up like mine does…fingers crossed!
Out of sequence…at the Dr’s office with asthma attack.

Two Saturday’s ago Michael wanted to take the girls Hiking at Shelby Forest…and off we went. We walked the red loop which is three miles. EK did awesome till 100 yards from the car and she started complaining…and we had to carry our sack of taters (Addison) the whole time!

We went to Lowe’s in Millington to get herbs, tomatoes, and seeds for our garden. We also got the bar lights too! We came home and grilled out and Michael started cutting away at our ceiling…

Bam. Lights. Its amazing how much brighter it makes our kitchen. I heart these.

Addison after a bath with her curls.

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