Touch of spring…

Monday we had a beautiful day! The weather was almost in the 70s and it was sunny! I took the girls outside for a while to play. I jumped on the trampoline for about an hour and when EK got up from her nap we jumped for another hour! I think I did over 100 flips for her. I mustard up enough courage and tried a back-handspring back flip…and was able to do it!

Anyways…here are some pictures!

Addison waiting on EK to get finished with lunch at school.
and before her school picture day.
This little lady is celebrating her birthday month! Happy 13th Birthday Antioch!
I went through pictures on Michael’s phone and found this one…from our Christmas asthma attack!

Frumpy little Addison in her princess dress.
Dressed up kids.

Babies with booties in the air!

Not much else to report on this week. After our beautiful weather on Monday…Tuesday it rained all morning and then got windy and super cold. More of the same today, minus the wind and rain. The rest of the week should be warming up and I see yardwork in our future for the weekend.

A shoutout to Anna Claire! She turned 4 yesterday! We are celebrating her birthday this weekend.

I have had my facebook turned off for a week and a day now. I have really enjoyed it…BUT, I have to turn it back on. We joined a different CSA this year and he communicates through facebook. And I am a manager on Best Lawn’s facebook page and they want me to post pictures and things like that. So…back on it goes.

Happy rest of the week to ya!

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