March 1!!!

Yay look one more step closer to warmer weather…and we have a 40% chance of snow for tonight. Oh well, at least its March!

Well somehow or another…this is now sitting in our garage.

Michael’s mom called him and asked him if we wanted a piano. Michael said yes. Next thing I know…its in the garage and my car is in the driveway. It sure is pretty! Yesterday Michael brought over his landscape crew to move it upstairs. They made it 4 steps up and quit. They think it weighs around 800lbs. We are now waiting on a price from a moving company that is in Michael’s BNI group. We are pretty sure it will fit upstairs, its just how much man power it is going to take. Michael wanted it downstairs, but we have no room for it at all. So if it doesn’t go upstairs, I have no idea what his plan is. He said in our entry way and I said no.

It has a ton of history, it was made in the 1800s.

When Addison and I are waiting on Ella Kate or we are early to school I put Addison in shotgun and she loves it. As soon as our car stops moving and we don’t get out immediately, she throws a fit. Yesterday we went and got Ella Kate’s shot before school and were early to school…fit thrown…

problem solved.

Did you know that this year marks our 17th anniversary? Isn’t that amazing?! I have spent more than half my life with Michael. We were talking about that last night while we were playing yahtzee. So crazy. It’s kinda sad but we don’t have many pictures of us during the first part of our relationship. Digital cameras weren’t the norm. We are trying to take more pictures of just the two of us. In our entry way, we have around 30 picture frames and the center one and largest one is all Michael and I. Then on the left side is Addison and the right side is Ella Kate and around the middle are all four of us, three of us, and both girls. In the big one of us, this picture is in the collage:

Look how little we are! This was on one of our church trips and we were trying to figure out which trip it was, we know it was around Christmas 96. I think I was a junior and he was a sophomore. This is the oldest picture I have of us. I wanted to get it digitized so we would have a backup of it. 

On the agenda this weekend: taxes tonight, Ella Kate is doing a mini VBS at church tonight and tomorrow, dinner party tomorrow, Kersting twins are being baptized Sunday, and family dinner at our house Sunday.

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